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Regional Studies of Breast Cancer

Regional Studies of Breast Cancer

Regional studies of breast cancer look at a regional view of cases of breast cancer. Our writers can focus on any medical health issue you need to study from a regional perspective. Cancers often are specific to a certain region, learn more about this in a custom written research paper from paper Masters.

According to a FDA study, the risk factor of breast cancer increases as women move from one region to another. The study conducted related the risk factors of getting breast cancer when eating a high fat diet to those of a low fat diet. The study showed that countries, like the United States that more commonly consume a high fat diet have a higher breast cancer rate than those countries like Japan that eat typically a low fat diet.

It is interesting to note that as the westernization of Asian countries continue so does their risk factor for breast cancer. In fact the study notes the following:

  1. Wealthy Japanese women who eat more of a westernized diet are at 8.5 times greater risk of breast cancer than the poorer Japanese women who eat a more traditional Asian diet.
  2. When a woman from a low risk country comes to a high-risk country, they begin to take on the risk factor of their new country.
  3. The risk of breast cancer a new resident experiences will increase and by the next generation will be close to equal that of their new country.

Another demographic of potential breast cancer victims that suffer from misperceptions about care and prevention are women who live in a rural area. While the highest rate of breast cancer occurs in post-menopausal women, the demographic that suffers the most fatalities is rural African American women. Unfortunately, this issue suffers from the same lack of clear and applicable research as the prevention and treatment of breast cancer in the elderly. The article "Promoting early breast cancer screening: strategies with rural African American women", published in the American Journal of Health Studies states, "The highest death rate from breast cancer was reported among African American women This higher mortality rate is thought to be due largely to late stage diagnosis".

An article in Women's Health Weekly entitled "Tailored counseling may promote mammography among low-income rural black women" puts forth possible solutions to the barriers preventing rural African American women from receiving preventative care and early treatment. The solutions involved nurse outreach programs. Nurses can have a direct and visible impact amongst rural and underserved women at the highest risk of developing and dying of breast cancer by reaching out to help patients become more proactive about early cancer detection.

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Regional Studies of Breast Cancer Research Papers

Regional Studies of Breast Cancer research papers look at the incidences of Breast Cancer according to geography. Medical Health Research Papers are custom written for University and Graduate Level Students.

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