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Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer research papers examine the factors that may cause ovarian cancer and the treatment. However, when you custom order your project on any type of cancer, our medical research writers will design your project any way you need it to be.

Despite the myriad of advancements made by medical science in the past twenty years, cancer, in almost every form, remains an enigma. This complex disease has continuously proven elusive to treatment and cure and stands as one of the world's most pervasive health threats. What is perhaps most perplexing about cancer is that while the generic term means an overgrowth of tissue, its cause, pathophysiology and treatment is different depending on which area of the body it effects. Therefore, while researchers have developed effective treatments for colon cancer, these same technologies cannot be applied to pancreatic cancer. To demonstrate the uniqueness of this disease an overview of ovarian cancer, its causes, pathophysiology and treatments is presented.

A research paper from Paper Masters reports that in Western societies, ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of death for women. "Because of inadequate screening methods and the vague nature of the symptoms, patients present late in the course of the disease and the survival rate is poor". What is perhaps most perplexing about ovarian cancer is that in many cases, there is not root cause for the disease. An author goes on to note that "There are no strong environmental risk factors, and after age is controlled for the most important risk factor is a family history of ovarian carcinoma".

Although no clear root cause, other than heredity has been cited for ovarian cancer, a number of researchers keep seeking to find a probable answer. To illustrate this point consider a recent study at Duke University Medical Center. In this study, researchers found the following:

  1. Constant ovulation, which causes cells in the ovary to divide, is likely to spontaneously damage DNA in those cells over time.
  2. Constant Ovulation can result in mutations to a critical regulatory gene, known as p53, that normally stops cells from proliferating into cancer".
  3. An excess number of complex carbohydrates in the diet can have a significant impact on the development of the disease:

    New research suggests that eating too many refined carbohydrates could increase your risk of ovarian cancer. An eight-year study of 3,442 Italian women, 30 percent of whom had the disease, found that women who ate the most starch-more than 160 grams per day-had a significantly greater chance of developing ovarian cancer.

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Ovarian Cancer Research Papers

Ovarian Cancer Research Papers research the causes of ovarian cancer.

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