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Alzheimer's Disease Dementia and Caregivers

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

This is a topic suggestion on Alzheimer's Disease/ Dementia and Caregivers from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

This project is designed to prepare the senior undergraduate student for graduate level coursework. While this project is hypothetical, it is as close to a Master's level research proposal the student will be doing as an undergraduate. This assignment is meant to be much less encompassing than an actual Master's level research proposal, yet it will give the student practical experience at writing the main points of a Master's level research proposal. To make the assignment easier, I am providing nine journal articles that are to be used for this assignment; you do not need to use all nine journal articles, but the more you integrate into your paper, the more points you will be awarded. You may also feel free to choose your own journal article, as long as they correlate to the theme of Alzheimer's Disease and Caregivers, come from a professional journal, have been written within the last three to four years (the more recent the better), and you use at least five journal articles, but no more than ten.

Alzheimer's Disease Research Format

The following format is to be followed in Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia and Caregivers Research Paper:

  1. Problem Statement: Using the journal articles provided, the student will define what he /she thinks is/ or could possibly be the problem statement presented in these journal articles. There is no right or wrong answer, the student just needs to tie as many of these journal articles together, and support your theory. This is the most important part of the assignment and the balance of the assignment will be based upon what the student decides is the problem statement (e.g., method of how study will be done, research design, etc.). The problem statement can be as short as one paragraph, but it can be up to one to two pages in length. Be thorough, yet succinct, and stay within the given parameters.
  2. Literature Review: Using the journal articles, develop the rationale for proposed research in the most compelling and logical fashion. Do not simply cite the journal articles in a serialized, disjointed fashion, but rather integrate it so that it logically leads to your problem and objectives. When you are citing research, only cite the author's last name and year of publication and summarize the basic contents of each article. The literature review can be up to three pages in length.
  3. Methodology: Describe in detail how your study will be conducted. The length should not exceed two pages in length.
  4. Research Design & Analysis of Results: Describe your design and how you plan on analyzing your variables. The length of this portion of you paper can be up to two pages in length.
  5. Abstract: This will be the last thing the student writes. The abstract should summarize your hypothetical research proposal. It should give the reader an idea of the problem, what you expect to find, and the basis method. You need to do this within 120 to 150 words.

The body of Alzheimer's Disease /Dementia and Caregivers Research Paper should be no more than ten pages in length (excluding reference pages). Your assignment will be evaluated on writing style, completeness, and accuracy.


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Alzheimer's Disease Dementia and Caregivers Research Papers

Alzheimer's Disease Research Papers look at an example of how to order a Master's Level Thesis.

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