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Medical Conditions Topic Suggestions

Medical conditions are different from diseases and need to be approached differently when writing a research paper. Paper Masters has many medical professionals working with us as freelance writers so that we can provide the most comprehensive research on any medical condition our clients need studied. Medical writing is not as easy as other expository writing and our professionals can help you formulate an excellent medical health project.


Research Paper Topic Suggestions on Various Medical Conditions

Addison’s Disease - Addison’s Disease research papers discuss a chronic, but rare, disorder of the endocrine system.

Adrenal Fatigue - Adrenal Fatigue research papers examine the term used in alternative medicine to describe the belief that the adrenal glands have become exhausted and unable to produce hormones.

Adrenal Insufficiency - Adrenal Insufficiency research papers examine a medical condition where the adrenal glands do not produce adequate levels of steroid hormones.

Alopecia research papers discuss the autoimmune condition where a person loses hair from one or all parts of the body.

Aphasia - Research papers on Aphasia discuss the disorder that makes it hard for a person to understand and use communication.

Asperger’s Disorder - Asperger’s Disorder research papers analyze the Asperger’s syndrome that is a part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Asthma in Children - Research papers on asthma in children examine the data that indicates a 75% rise in childhood asthma over two decades.

Autism - Research papers on autism report that it was once believed to be rare but now the incidence of autism has seemingly increased significantly over the past several decades.

Autism Treatment - Autism Treatment research papers report that treatment is most effective when symptoms of autism are found early.

Autoimmune Disease Symptoms - Autoimmune Disease Symptoms research papers discuss the disease that causes an abnormal response in the body's immune system to various substances or tissues that are normally found in the body.

Alcoholic Neuropathy - Alcoholic Neuropathy term papers examine how long-term chronic alcohol abuse effects the human body, including alcoholic neuropathy, or damage to the nerves.

Birth Defects - Birth Defects research papers discuss the congenital disorders that exist from birth that are the result of genetic abnormalities.

Bladder Cancer - Research papers on bladder cancer look into the rare type of cancer that is common amoung white males of 55 or older.

The Broken Cord - The Broken Cord Research Paper looks at a book by Michael Dorris about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and the authors adopted son who had FAS.

Bronchiolitis - Bronchiolitis is an inflammation of the bronchioles (smaller airways that branch off the main airway) usually caused by a viral infection.

Bulimia Nervosa - Bulimia Nervosa usually affects young women and is characterized by periodically consuming large amounts of food and then attempting to remove the food from the body by purging or vomiting, using laxatives, or severely exercising.

Cerebral Palsy - Research Papers on cerebral palsy will look into the disorder that affects an individual’s balance and posture as well as their ability to move their muscles.

Chlamydia - Research papers on Chlamydia discuss one of the most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the United States.

Chromosomal Abnormalities - Chromosomal Abnormalities research papers look into the conditions that cause any aberration, mutation, or anomaly, such as a missing, extra, or irregular portion of chromosomal DNA.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research papers examine the debilitating condition that affects adults and children with persistent fatigue that can last three to six months.

Cerebral Hemorrhage - Hemorrhage into the brain, commonly caused by uncontrolled high blood pressure, is one of the leading causes of stroke.

Cerebral Infarction - According to an author the term cerebral infarction also includes older terms such as cerebral thrombosis and cerebral embolus.

Chronic Illness and Ethnicity - Chronic Illness and Ethnicity research paper correlates race and ethnic heritage with medical health aspects of disease.

Cleft Palate - Cleft Palate research papers examine the congenital deformity that occurs during gestation.

Common Sports Injuries - Common Sports Injuries term papers overview the most common sports injuries that can occur from acute trauma or the overuse of a body part.

Common Types of Fractures Found in Children - Common Types of Fractures Found in Children Research Paper studies the differences in adult fractures and childhood fractures, and the treatment needed for childhood fractures.

Comorbid Conditions - Comorbid Conditions research papers on the medical term used when one or more additional diseases or disorders occur at the same time with a primary disease or disorder.

Congenital Anomalies - A research paper on Congenital Anomalies discuss the potential birth defects that children can be born with.

Congenital Heart Defects - Congenital Heart Defects research papers examine the birth defects that cause problems in the structure of the heart and/or the surrounding great vessels present at birth.

Congenital Malformations - Research papers on congenital malformations may want to focus on one of the most frequent causes, gestational diabetes.

Congestive Heart Failure - The frequency of congestive Heart Failure is rising to an alarming rate internationally, nationally and locally in Hawaii due to the increasing elderly population.

Conjoined Twins - Conjoined Twins research papers look at the medical condition when identical siblings have been physically joined together in utero.

Cryptorchidism - Research papers on cryptorchidism discuss the medical condition, commonly known as an undescended testicle, that occurs when one or both testicles do not appropriately descend into the scrotum before a child is born.

Dementia - Dementia is a term that is used in relation to many different types of disorders.

Desynchronized Sleep - Desynchronized Sleep Term Paper explores what this type of sleep is.

Diabetes in the Workplace in Discrimination - Diabetes in the Workplace Discrimination Research Paper discusses an example of an order places on discrimination, it looks at the requirements for specific sources, and how it should be prepared.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy - Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy essays examine how Diabetic Neuropathy affects the peripheral nerves, including the autonomic nervous system, motor neurons and pain fibers, and potentially the entire body.

Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes - Gestational diabetes affects pregnant women frequently. Research paper on Gestational diabetes in women.

Developmental Coordination Disorder - Developmental Coordination Disorder essays discuss the neurological disorder that originates in childhood as the result of messages from the brain not being transmitted to the body.

Down Syndrome - Down syndrome is the single most common form of genetically-based mental retardation.

Down Syndrome and Autism - This research paper will present an overview of Down syndrome and autism, paired with a survey of the instructional techniques and modalities that can be used to effectively engage students with these conditions in the learning process.

Down Syndrome and Happiness - Research papers on Down Syndrome and happiness will explore how individuals with the congenital disease navigate through every phase of life and go on to lead normal and happy lives.

Dwarfism - Research papers on dwarfism discuss the medical condition that prevents a person from growing.

Dyspnea - Research papers on Dyspnea discuss the common medical condition that causes the feeling that one cannot breathe or is having difficulty breathing.

Eczema - Eczema Research Paper delves into an example of an order placed for a masters level project.

Effects of Gestational Diabetes in Children - Studies have shown that infants born to women with GDM are at higher risk for Respiratory Distress Syndrome, macrosomia or birth weight over the 90th percentile, congenital anomalies and Type II Diabetes.

Effects of Agent Orange - Used extensively during the Vietnam War, Agent Orange was a deforestation element that was designed to remove the extensive jungle cover that the enemy used to hide their operations.

Ephedrine - Ephedrine is defined as an adrenergic bronchodilator commonly prescribed for the treatment of asthma and bronchitis and for use as a nasal decongestant.

Epidemiology of Hypertension - Epidemiology of Hypertension Research Paper delves into a preview of an order placed for a medical paper with specific source requirements.

Exercise Induced Asthma - A research paper on exercise induced asthma looks into the condition in which the airways in the lungs constrict due to strenuous physical activity.

Fake Autism Study - One of the most prominent topics in health and medicine in the last decade has been the rising incidence of autism among children in the United States.

Florence Nightingale Syndrome - Florence Nightingale Syndrome essays examine the name given to caregivers that develop romantic or sexual feelings towards a patient.

Fragile X Syndrome - Fragile X Syndrome research papers discuss the genetic condition that is marked by an inherited intellectual disability.

Gastric Dilation Volvulus - Research papers on Gastric Dilation Volvulus discuss the condition that is also known as twisted stomach or gastric torsion.

Gestational Diabetes - Gestational Diabetes research reports increased or abnormal insulin resistance, decreased insulin sensitivity or glucose intolerance with first diagnosis during pregnancy.

Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes - Gestational diabetes affects pregnant women frequently. Research paper on Gestational diabetes in women.

Treatment for Gestational Diabetes - Treatment for Gestational Diabetes Research Paper delves into the different prescribed treatments.

Goiter - Goiter term papers explore the condition caused by the enlargement of the thyroid gland.

Hemiparesis - Research papers on hemiparesis discuss a weakness in half of a person's body when they have suffered a stroke.

Hermaphrodites - Hermaphrodites Term Paper delves into the physical and emotional issues they deal with.

Hypertension - Hypertension research papers examine the disease that is a world-wide epidemic.

Hypertension Literature Review - Hypertension Literature Review examines recent peer reviewed publications regarding the disease Hypertension.

Hyperthyroidism - This is a research paper on Hyperthyroidism. The disease will be described and its treatments will be discussed.

Hypochondria - Hypochondria research papers look at the mysterious mental illness that has been around since the 2nd Century.

Hypoglycemia - A condition characterized by an abnormally low level of sugar (or glucose) in the blood.

Infant Mortality - Infant Mortality research papers discuss the the causes of infant deaths in different countries.

Infertility - Infertility is a problem that affects both men and women with medical health problems.

Insomnia - Insomnia is a type of dysosmia which refers to difficulties in sleeping an appropriate amount or in when the individual falls asleep.

Insulin Resistance Research Paper - Insulin Resistance Research Paper delves into how to organize your research paper.

Iron Deficiency research papers discuss one of the biggest nutritional deficiencies in the United States.

Kidney Failure - Healthy kidneys filter excess fluid, minerals and waste material from blood and convert it to urine.

Klinefelter Syndrome - Research papers on Klinefelter Syndrome examine the chromosomal disorder that occurs randomly and is identified via a karyotype with the presence at least one extra X chromosome.

Lead Poisoning Children - The sensitivity of toxins in children.

Leprosy - Leprosy Research Paper explores the beginnings of this grievous plague.

Low Birth Rate - Low Birth Rate research papers overview the several factors for a low birth rate in a given country.

Low Birth Weight - A research paper on low birth weight discuss the various causes for low birth weight such as congenital anomalies or chromosomal abnormalities.

Lyme Disease Treatment - Research papers on Lyme Disease treatment discuss the treatments used to help individuals infected by lyme disease.

Malnutrition Elderly - Malnutrition in the elderly is a problem that the medical health profession has not conquered.

Malnutrition - A research paper on malnutrition discuss the increasing nutrition problems in the United States - particularly in areas where impoverished adults and children live.

Marfan Syndrome - Marfan syndrome is a disorder that develops only in individuals with a specific genetic background.

Symptoms of Marfan Syndrome - Marfan syndrome is over viewed with the focus on symptoms.

Mental Retardation - Mental Retardation research papers discuss the intellectual disability in which an individual has an IQ level below 70 as well as delays in normal life skills.

Menopause - Menopause represents a very significant stage in a woman’s life.

Physiological Changes During Menopause - In depth research on menopause will include an examination of the physiological changes that occur in women.

Metabolic Syndrome - Metabolic Syndrome research papers examine the medical disorder characterized by at least three of the five following symptoms: abdominal obesity, elevated blood pressure, elevated fasting glucose, high triglycerides, and low HDL cholesterol levels.

Migraine Headache - Examines the phenomena of migraine headaches and the incidence of migraines in the United States.

Munchausen Syndrome - A research paper on Munchausen syndrome and the diagnosis.

Musculoskeletal Disorders - Musculoskeletal Disorders research papers examine the type of injury that occurs in the body’s muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves or tendon.

Myelodysplasia - Myelodysplasia research papers examine a medical condition of the blood characterized by the ineffective production, or dysplasia, of all the body’s blood cells.

Negative Effects of Stress - Research papers on negative effects of stress discuss the profound impact of on the human body and look into the various physical symptoms it can create.

Neonatal Meningitis - Neonatal Meningitis research papers examine a severe medical condition in infants under 44 days old that causes inflammation of the meninges; which is the protective membranes of the body’s central nervous system.

Nevus Vascularis - Nevus Vascularis Research Paper examines this condition that occurs in infants, and the possible medical issues that can occur.

Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis Research Paper examines this debilitating bone thinning disorder, and the people it effects.

Otitis Media - Otitis Media research papers examine the middle ear infection that is most common in infants and children.

Pernicious Anemia - Overview of the disease pernicious anemia and the symptoms.

Pneumonia - Pneumonia Research Paper examines how the virus develops, and people who are at high risk of getting this virus.

Polyneuropathy - Polyneuropathy essays discuss this degenerative neurological disorder that occurs when the body’s nerves begin to malfunction.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome - Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome research papers examine the stress disorder that consists of a host of negative symptoms experienced by an individual after exposure to a particularly stressful situation.

Postpartum Depression - Postpartum Depression Research Paper discusses the symptoms of this disorder, and the support system that is needed to help with this disorder.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder research papers diagnose the disorder and give the main characteristics of the disease.

Prader Willi Syndrome - Research papers on Prader Willi Syndrome discuss the genetic disorder that is primarily caused when the paternal chromosome 15 is deleted.

Pregnancy Complications - A research paper on pregnancy complications discuss the the various complications that can happen during any stage of pregnancy and how to prevent them.

Premature Babies - Premature Babies essays look into the numerous reasons for a premature birth of infants born before thirty-seven weeks of gestation.

Prenatal Drug Exposure - Prenatal Drug Exposure Research Paper discusses the effects of drugs and alcohol on fetal development.

Pressure Ulcers - Research papers on pressure ulcers discuss the ailment, more commonly known as bedsores, that occurs when an individual endures pressure on the skin for a lengthy period of time.

Progeria - Research papers on progeria discuss the terminal genetic disease that causes facial characteristics that make children with the condition look like they have aged prematurely.

PTSD Veterans - PTSD Veterans research papers examine the anxiety disorder that followed soldiers after the things the experienced during wars.

Reinoblastoma - Reinoblastoma Research Papers look at this form of cancer arising in children, and the two forms hereditary and non-hereditary.

Treatment of Reinoblastoma - Treatment of Reinoblastoma Research Papers explore the different treatments that can be used on children, but it depends upon the age of the child.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus - Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) a virus that causes upper and lower respiratory illness in infants and young children is the usual cause.

Retinal Disease - Research papers on retinal disease discuss the disease that affects certain populations and impacts the sensitive tissue of the retina.

Retinopathy of Prematurity - Retinopathy of Prematurity essays discuss the disease also known as terry syndrome that may lead to blindness in premature infants.

Rhabdomyolysis - A research paper on rhabdomyolysis discuss the fatal condition caused by severely damaged bones and muscles.

Scleroderma - Scleroderma Research Paper discusses the six different strands of the disorder, and the newest treatment options available.

Scoliosis - Scoliosis research papers discuss the condition that causes the curvature of the spine.

Search Process in Medline - Search Process in Medline Research Paper examines an example of an order placed for a medical research paper using a specific format called PICO.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - Seasonal Affective Disorder is commonly described as a form of depression that is associated with biological rhythms.

Second Hand Smoke and Children - Second Hand Smoke Exposure and Development of Respiratory Problems in Children is explored in research papers from Paper Masters.

Shift Work Sleep Disorder - Research papers on shift work sleep disorder discuss how a person’s work schedule that does not allow for time to sleep during regular intervals can cause difficulties sleeping and waking naturally.

Sleeping Disorders - Sleeping Disorders research papers on the disorders that cause any disruption of a person’s sleep patterns.

Sleep Deprivation - Research papers on sleep deprivation discuss the sleep disorder caused when a person does not get enough sleep.

Sleep Apnea - Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops and starts during sleep.

Speech and Down Syndrome - When it comes to the issues that face children with Down Syndrome it is clear that educators have a wide range of issues to address in the classroom.

Sports Physical Therapy - Sports Physical Therapy research papers examine the branch of medicine that seeks to help people recover from injuries and disabilities through the promotion of mobility.

Starvation - Research papers on starvation discuss the significant deficiency in the number of calories a person consumes that makes it difficult to sustain life.

Stroke - Despite the numerous advances in medical technology over the past 20 years, stroke still remains one of the least manageable illnesses in the United States. 

Stuttering - Stuttering Term Paper studies the causes and possible treatment of this disorder.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - A look at SIDS and its possible causes and results of recent research.

Surgical Weight Loss and Obesity - Many nursing and medical health students study the problem of obesity in society today.

Swine Flu - Swine Flu research papers examine the form of influenza A (H1N1), a respiratory disease.

Syphilis - Syphilis Research Paper investigates the origins of this STD, and what causes it.

Temporal Atrophy - Temporal Atrophy, or atrophy in the medial temporal lobe, is a key indicator of Alzheimer progression.

Tetralogy of Fallot - Research papers on Tetralogy of Fallot examine one of the most common congenital heart defects that impacts every 2,000 children born.

Tourette's Syndrome - Turrets is discussed along with diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of the long-standing syndrome.

Trigger Points - Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyperirritable spots located in a taut band of skeletal muscle.

Type 1 Diabetes - Research papers on type I diabetes look into the disorder, also known as juvenile diabetes, which is an insulin-dependent diabetes due to the inability of the pancreas to make enough insulin to process sugar.

Type 2 Diabetes - Type 2 Diabetes research papers examine the condition that causes the body to no longer produce enough insulin and the cells of the body do not respond to insulin properly.

Wallenbergs Syndrome - Wallenberg’s syndrome is difficult to diagnose as many of its symptoms mimic those of Horner’s syndrome.

Treatment of Wallenbergs Syndrome - Treatment for Wallenberg’s Syndrome Research Paper is similar to that of treating a stroke.