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The Media in Wartime Research Papers

The media in a time of war is very important in the 21st Century. Research papers on this fact can be custom written to illustrate how this influences military decisions or political actions during wartime. Paper Masters has military research professionals that will custom write your project to focus on any aspect of the media during wartime.

Whether media impacts people’s minds and beliefs through television, radio, internet, or pamphlets, it is a powerful means by which individuals, companies, and nations can convey their perspectives. This fact holds true during wartime as well with the additional reality that the media is a key player during wartime due to the following:

  • The high stakes of a nation at war
  • The emotionality involved with the very concept of war
  • The polarity of people on the topic of war or the issues at stake when a country goes to war.

All of the above are things that are natural to war and make the media that much more significant. For this reason, various involved factions will inevitably attempt to control or influence media to their own objectives. Media In WartimeThe military of opposing sides often attempt to influence the way that information is disseminated through their own presentation of the data and facts. Politicians, corporate moguls, and concerned groups do the same. In fact, the supposedly objective media reporters and editors also provide their own spin on wartime subjects.

The Media's Perspective

Reporters and editors may state that they are truly objective, but this has not been the case in recent wartime conflicts. In the writing process that yields the final copies of information that will reach the public, perspective is always present. For instance, a headline for the same wartime incident could read: “American Troops Win Critical Battle” or “American Troops Kill 35 Afghanis.” These two fictitious headlines provide very different first impressions of the same event. For those involved in security and emergency operations, the conveying of perspective through the mass media must be closely watched and understood so that the public reaction and perception can also be gauzed. Such analysis and evaluation enables security managers to be prepared for what lies ahead during wartime.

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