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#MeToo Movement Research Papers

In 2017, a new hashtag appeared on Twitter, one that forced an all-too-common occurrence in American society to the forefront of people’s minds: sexual assault. Research papers on the #MeToo movement can focus o any aspect of the movement that you need explored. Learn about who started it and why or find out how the movement spread across he globe.

The #MeToo movement, started by Tarana Burke, was designed to show victims of sexual violence – regardless of gender – that they are not alone. This movement was intended to bring people together, to demonstrate the common threads that exist in so many people’s stories. Me Too MovementIt was especially impactful for victims that often fall through the cracks of the criminal justice system; poor, minority, and young women who might feel as though they do not have a voice were given a new route towards healing.

The #MeToo trend caught on like wildfire and after just a short time, the number of people making the proclamation spread to include some of the most prominent male and female celebrities, as well as some of the most impoverished and vulnerable members of society. Despite the speed at which people tend to lose interest in topics that are trending, the #MeToo movement has not lost steam or impact.

  • The movement continues to fight for the recognition of the pervasive trend of sexual violence.
  • The movement continues to address the needs of individuals who might otherwise feel silenced, including members of the trans, disabled, or minority communities.
  • The emphasis is not on victimhood, but on survival, and the movement works to create a culture of support wherein all individuals can reclaim their own experiences and move forward from their past.

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