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Mary I

Here s a model introduction for a research paper:

Mary I was the daughter of King Henry VIII and his only daughter from his marriage with Catherine of Aragon. She was born on February 18, 1516. Mary was a difficult child was often getting into mischief. She learned to read and write Latin, and also studied French, Spanish, and Greek.

In 1525, Mary was sent to Wales to preside over the Council of Wales and the Marches. She was given a court and treated as if she was the princess of Whales. Mary IShe was there for three years before returning back to London.

Mary I Removed From the Throne Line

When Mary’s mother was unable to give Henry VIII a son, he tried to get the marriage annulled. When he was unable to do so, he sent Catherine away. Henry then married Anne Boleyn who was already pregnant. Catherine lost her title and in turn so did Mary. She was no longer the princess and was no longer in line for the throne. She refused to acknowledge that things had changed and that Anne had taken her mom’s place as Queen and her half sister Elizabeth had taken her place as princess. This angered her father. Later Anne fell out of favor with the King and was beheaded. Henry remarried Jane Seymour who encouraged him to fix his relationship with Mary. Eventually she met Henry’s demands for reconciliation and she was able to return to her place as princess, but after her half-brother Edward in line of succession.

Some facts on Mary I include:

  • Mary I reigned from 1553 - 1558
  • Succeeded by Elizabeth I
  • Ruled with Philip
  • Mother was Catherine of Aragon
  • Born February 18th, 1516
  • Died November 17th 1558

Mary I Becomes Queen

After her father’s death, Edward took over the throne. Mary and Edward remained at odds because of their different religious views. Mary refused to part with the Roman Catholic Church. Edward did not want to have Mary be in the line of succession for the crown because he was afraid that she would bring an end to the Church of England. He tried to remover her, but was unable to do so before his death at the age of fifteen. After Edward’s death, Mary became Queen. She wanted to reinstate the Roman Catholic Church and went about persecuting the Protestants belonging to the Church of England.

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