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Marine Mammal Protection Act Research Papers

Research papers drawn up on the Marine Mammal Protection Act overview the Act itself or the ramifications of the Act on the marine population, fishermen or the environment in general. Paper Masters custom writes all oceanography projects at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels.

The Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 limited the killing of dolphins for U.S. fishing boats. While this measure helped to combat the problem, it was not a complete solution to the problem due to the following:

  1. Because a significant portion of the tuna sold in the United States comes from foreign exporters
  2. The Marine Mammal Protection Act only limited the number of dolphins killed by U.S. fishing boats
  3. The total number of dolphins being killed as a result of tuna fishing was still significantly high.

Dolphin-Safe Tuna Labeling Act was one of the many responses to concerns about tuna-fishing practices in which fisherman encircled dolphins with their nets frequently entangling and killing dolphins.  Long before tuna labeling, Congress had enacted legislation to help prevent the senseless death of dolphins that occurred during tuna fishing. 

Marine Mammal Protection ActIn the late 1980's consumers, frustrated by the government’s inability to control the rapidly decreasing dolphin population, began boycotting companies that sold tuna caught by fishermen who did not practice dolphin safe fishing practices—typically companies that bought their tuna from foreign fisheries.  In response to this boycott, in the 1990's, President Clinton signed legislation that officially defined “dolphin-safe.”  Companies that canned tuna could label their product as dolphin-safe if it met the government’s standards.

Has the American government becomes so morally bankrupt that it would sacrifice environmental police to ensure stable trade relationships?  Unfortunately, yes.  If nothing else, the debate over dolphin safe tuna labeling clearly demonstrates the federal government’s bottom line.  Trade relations with Mexico and other foreign countries has become so important that the government is willing to let thousand of dolphins die needlessly each year.  Although consumers continue to aggressively oppose the sale of “dolphin-unsafe” tuna in the United States, the reality is that as Congress’ resolve to stand firm on this issue continues to weaken, consumers may eventually not have a choice in the matter.

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