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Maria Montessori

Many education courses study Maria Montessori due to the unique perspective here educational theory has had on the United States. Use the information you see here to get you started on your Maria Montessori research paper. If you are having trouble, have Paper Masters custom write your research paper on Maria Montessori.

Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was an Italian physician and educator best known for the educational theory that bears her name. The resulting educational method developed by her theories is widely used in many schools throughout the world.

Maria Montessori's Biography

Following her completion of a medical degree from the University of Rome in 1896, Montessori began working with children classified as having mental disabilities or retardation.Maria Montessori Through her work she created an organized system for the daily education of disabled children. In 1900, she opened a teacher training school, at which she expanded her ideas to include the proper teaching skills for the education of mainstream children as well.

In 1907, she opened the first Casa dei Bambini (Children’s House), for children between the ages of two and seven. She was able to observe, first hand, the children's behaviors, from which she developed a number of practical ideas specifically geared towards creating an educational environment solely for children.


The Montessori Method

By 1912, her ideas had spread to the United States and her book The Montessori Method became widely popular. According to the American Montessori Society, her educational method stresses the following:

  • The development of the child’s initiative and natural abilities
  • Child Development through what is known as practical play.
  • Montessori educators go to great lengths to establish an environment that meets the specific needs of children in varying age groups, both primary and early secondary grades.
  • Teachers encourage younger children to explore through their senses.

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