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Moser's Map of Hell

Barry Moser's novel is a complex look at hell and the various levels of hell. Our writers will custom write any project on classical literature or science fiction that you need written. Custom writing is all we do and that is why Paper Masters is the best at academic writing.


Using Moser’s “Map of Hell,” it is easy to decipher the various levels of hell, in addition to the specific crimes and affronts to humanity for which people are condemned to eternity there. Maps of Hell

  1. Under the river of Acheron lies the first five crimes, including gluttony, lustfulness and prodigalism. This cluster is called “Incontinence.”
  2. The second cluster, called “Violence,” contains three sections--crimes people committed against themselves, against their neighbors and against God.
  3. The third deepest cluster is “Ordinary Fraud,” and contains levels in which people who were thieves, hypocrites, falsifiers, or seducers are found. According to Dante’s Inferno, this level of fraud is only just above the next type of fraud.
  4. The next level, called “Treacherous Fraud.” Within the crime of treachery are four levels of fraud:
    1. People who were traitors to kin
    2. Traitors to homeland
    3. Traitors to guests
    4. Traitors to benefactors

There are many people within 21st century American who fit these descriptions, and who would be found in Dante’s “Inferno” if he were to re-compose the work today.

In the cluster of “Incontinence,” one would find Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Farley and Bill Clinton. Within the level of “lustfulness,” Bill Clinton would be present, ever in danger of deafness, forced to listen to the screeching voices of Hillary Clinton, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp and all the other women he was ever involved with. For the punishment for “gluttony,” Chris Farley would always be hungry, but could always see the largest buffet of food ever assembled, yet he would never be able to eat. And lastly, Robert Downey, Jr., would round out the “Incontinence” cluster as his punishment for being “avaricious and prodigal.” Because of his continuing problem in him previous life with drugs and alcoholism despite chance after chance, Downey would suffer in Hell with the guilt of failing again and again. His punishment would be especially cruel since in life, he did not realize the devastating consequences of his continuing failure in the battle against drugs and alcohol.

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