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Managing Chronic Pain With Psychotherapy

Below is an outline of how to write a research paper on managing chronic pain with psychotherapy. The clinical project will document in APA manuscript format the identification, investigation, and proposed solution for a problem identified from advanced nursing practice in the student's specialty area. This includes thoroughly critiquing appropriate literature.

Managing Chronic Pain With Psychotherapy
  1. Problem Identification: Identify a health problem/Managing Chronic Pain With Psychotherapy of interest or concern related to rural health nursing. Provide rationale to support the problem/Managing Chronic Pain With Psychotherapy identified. Clearly and concisely identifies a clinical problem with a well developed rationale to support problem identified. Clearly establishes significance for nursing.
  2. Review of literature: Critical Analysis Critique a body of research literature. Synthesize the critique into a logically structured analysis of the subject. All sources are highly relevant to the Managing Chronic Pain With Psychotherapy. Includes both conceptual and data based knowledge. Includes a sufficient number of resources to reflect a thorough and comprehensive review of the literature. Draws accurate conclusions about the studies' strengths, weaknesses, and scientific merit. Thoroughly identifies gaps in knowledge, inconsistencies in the literature, and unanswered questions for the Managing Chronic Pain With Psychotherapy.
  3. Implications for APN: Specifically and creatively applies knowledge gained from the review of literature to Advanced Practice Nursing. Clearly and concisely reflects the application of new ideas/new approaches synthesized and developed from the critical analysis. Includes highly relevant implications for nursing practice, education, research, and suggestions for further research. All areas throughly covered.
    Clearly, logically and concisely written. Correct grammar, punctuation and style.

Overview of Psychotherapy:

Patients who seek out psychotherapy to treat mental illness or small mental health problems may have expectations based upon the classical definition of the term. Psychotherapy, however, is a broad term that describes a range of techniques that are used to improve mental health among individuals and families. Additionally, psychotherapy can be more or less effective in this treatment depending upon the techniques and mechanisms used by psychotherapists. There are a few critical aspects of psychotherapy that patients should experience in order to fully understand and recover from their mental health problems. One of these mechanisms is called the here-and-now experience. This experience has a major importance in regards to effective group psychotherapy, and without it, patients will not truly have the best treatment available.

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