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Managerial Applications Research Papers

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The purpose of this is to research the ten Managerial Applications areas listed and to generate a team report on your findings using Contemporary Motivational Theories and Managerial Applications as instructed.

In current news there are several subjects that may have an effect on the level of motivation in today's global organizations.

The task is to submit a managerial report that addresses these points for each of the topics listed above:Managerial Applications

  1. History of Each Subject
  2. Current Status of Each Subject
  3. Forecasted Trend of Each Subject
  4. The Effect Each Subject has on Organizational Success
  5. A minimum of Two Managerial Recommendations using at least one of the six (6) Contemporary Motivational

Theories with a minimum of two (2) of the seven (7) applications as follows:

  1. Contemporary Theories:
    1. McClelland's Theory of Needs
    2. Goal-Setting Theory
    3. Reinforcement Theory
    4. Equity Theory
    5. Expectancy Theory
  2. Applications:
    1. Management by Objectives
    2. Behavior Modification
    3. Employee Recognition Programs
    4. Employee Involvement Programs
    5. Job Redesign and Scheduling Programs
    6. Variable-Pay Programs
    7. Skill-Based Pay Plans

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