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Mall of America Research Papers

The Mall of America can be studied in a research paper as a sociological phenomena, an architectural wonder or a marketing ploy to keep Americans shopping. Whatever aspect you need covered, Paper Masters will custom write research on the Mall of America.

In your research paper on the Mall of America, you can identify one shopping mall project about which you would like to learn more. The project maybe a national destination mall, like the Mall of America, or a regional mall near your home. Based on newspaper and magazine articles, trace for reader the mall’s progress from the permit process to the opening.

  1. How involved was the community in the process? Mall of America
  2. Were there protests?
  3. Did the town or city government provide incentives for mall development?
  4. Did the developers rely on union labor?

These are just of a few of the many questions you might explore in your research. Your goal is to tell the mall’s story, from conception to design to building to occupancy.

Introduction for Mall of America Research Paper:

What’s happening at the Mall?

Perhaps you think the answer to this chapter’s opening question is obvious. After all, we Americans frequent shopping centers more than we do houses of worship. Each month, nearly 200 millions of us shop at a mall and buy fully one-half of the nation’s consumer goods (excluding cars and car parts), some $1.8 trillion worth. So what is happening at the mall? We shop, which is hardly news. Yet if leading scholars and cultural critics can be believed, we do much, much more, often unaware of a larger drama being staged in which we play a significant part.

There is no leisure chair at the mall, so people go to shop Mall is large Modern community life Mall and element of mall are everywhere.

Things to consider when writing the Mall of America Research Paper:

  1. Analytic writing
    1. Formulated a defendable Assertion
    2. Used effective arguments
    3. Developed a thorough, logical outline, Organized ideas logically and smoothly
  2. Research Skills
    1. Located sources effectively
    2. Evaluated sources appropriately
  3. Documentation
    1. Identified borrowed data correctly
    2. Listed sources correctly
    3. Incorporated borrowed data correctly
  4. Critical Reading - Demonstrated ability to identify
    1. Logical fallacies
    2. Inferences
    3. Rhetorical Techniques
    4. Methods of Reasoning
  5. Correct English
    1. Used correct spelling and appropriate diction
    2. Used Correct verbs and pronouns
    3. Used Correct punctuation
    4. Used Correct sentence structure and wrote complete sentences
  6. Manuscript Form
    1. Formatted pages correctly
    2. Sectioned the parts of the research
    3. Paper correctly
    4. Prepared manuscript neatly

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota is a phenomenon among Malls. Although not the largest in the world, the Mall of America offers a bazaar of retail, entertainment and community venues unlike all others. The story of how this incredible place came to be is a story of inspiration, innovation, and a community drawn together.

The Mall of America encompassed 4.2 million square feet and housed over 350 stores when it opened August 11, 1992. But, establishments like that don’t just happen overnight. Planning for the mall had begun years earlier, rooted in the economic boom of the late 80s. The Twins and Vikings had moved from Bloomington to downtown Minneapolis and left a large commercial area available. In the beginning the city developed a comprehensive plan, set up new zoning ordinances and worked with the regional planning agency that local sewer and transportation systems improvements adequate for a large project on the site. An environmental impact statement was developed for the district prior to developmental proposals. After developers purchases and cleared the site, a development potential study was conducted and supported a master-planned, mixed use development. At first there was some question as to whether an office complex or a mall design would be accepted. However, a scaled back version of the proposal by Triple Five Corporation for a Mall was soon accepted after Governor Perpich examined several other projects the organization had developed.

The city of Bloomington has benefited. Planners conducted one year studies of the mall’s impact and found that upgraded road systems were handling the traffic and transit riders had increased significantly, revenues from lodging, admission tax, business licensure and liquor increased significantly as well and tax revenues were already paying off any bonds used to finance public costs of the mall. The downtown council recognized both challenges and benefits at the Mall’s construction and operation, but ultimately downtown sales continued to keep pace with inflation.

Soon after the Mall opened, Metro Learning Alliance opened a high school in the mall funded by corporate sponsors and offering students classes in entrepreneurship, as well as overseeing student projects and internships, using the mall as a “learning laboratory”. These and other community facilities house many public and civic functions that serve to make the mall a central feature in the community beyond just a commercial center. The Mall of America was initially completed in phases and continued expansion is still in the works. The most recent expansion plans, projected to total $1.8 billion, has been assisted by a bill granting the Mall significant tax subsidies for the expansion process, including infrastructure improvements. This act proves once again that strong community and government support exists for the Mall of America.


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