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Make a Difference Project

Make a Difference Project Research Paper:
Make preliminary decisions regarding the focus for the project and procedures for developing the project. ONLY Develop a 700 word proposal, for now.

The instructions below are what you will be basing your proposal on:

You can have a great impact in your classroom, your school community, or your school district. There are critical issues facing students, teachers, and schools on a daily basis. The purpose of the Make a Difference Project Research Paper is for you to:Make a Difference Project

  1. Realize that you can develop a plan for positive change
  2. Be able to make a positive difference at your school or in your district
  3. Have the opportunity to prove your leadership ability at your school or in your district
  4. Apply what you are learning at your school or district

To complete the Make a Difference Project:

  1. Assess a critical need within a school or district that affects a large number of students or staff. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. De-tracking of students
    2. Lack of services (e.g., child care, health care) and/or recreational opportunities
    3. Lack of funding for special programs
    4. Low performance on standardized assessments
    5. Low teacher morale
    6. Low parent involvement
    7. Maintenance and improvement of technology
    8. School violence, safety, and security
    9. Competition with established charter schools
    10. Changing demographic mix at school
    11. Declining enrollment
  2. Develop a plan to address this need, including:
  3. A description of the critical need, supported with evidence.
  4. A presentation of options and solutions. Consider political ramifications and the impact of pertinent legislation.
  5. An implementation plan that must include a project outline, a time line, a budget, information on personnel and staffing, recommended resources, and an evaluation process or instrument.

Remember, just write a PROPOSAL for this information, it doesn't need to include elaborate information or anything.

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