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Research Papers on Lyndon Johnson Becomes President

Lyndon Johnson Becomes President research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Lyndon Baines Johnson or LBJ was the 36th President of the United States. He was one of a few Presidents that served as a Representative, a Senator, a Vice President, and a President. Lyndon Johnson Becomes PresidentEven though LBJ was sworn into office on November 22, 1963, LBJ’s first inaugural address to the country was not until his landslide reelection in 1965. He gave this address along with his wife and colleagues on the East Front of the Capital Building on January 20th, 1965. Because the country was still mourning the loss of President Kennedy, the inaugural address given by LBJ was focused on commitment to the country and upholding strong, ethical values. This was presented to the American people in two different sections of the inaugural address: The American Covenant and The American Belief.

The American Covenant reinforced LBJ’s and the American people’s commitment to the country. This commitment would be accomplished through justice and change, liberty and change, and union and change. The American Belief reinforced LBJ’s and the American people’s commitment to upholding the strong, ethical values to each other and others. This commitment would be accomplished through upholding our freedom, ensuring justice and liberty within the country, and welcoming change. It would also be accomplished through the following:

  • Uniting together
  • Becoming believers
  • Upholding promising
  • Combating our enemies in an ethical manner

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