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Research Papers on the Lower Class

Research papers on the lower class of society can examine this group from an anthropological view or a sociological view. Research on the lower class reveals important findings for our society. Have Paper Masters help you with your research papers on the lower class.

There are countless ways to define groups of people in societies; one way of doing so is by creating a hierarchy based upon economic status. In contemporary America, there is a structure of classes:

  • High Class
  • Middle Class
  • Lower Class

Lower ClassOne of the most general ways to define the lower class is to note the severe discrepancies in “[l]evel of education, occupation, and income” from the other classes who have more money.

Though this is one means of classifying the people of America, the process is not simple, nor is it entirely favorable. Cohen boldly asserts that “[i]n a democratic society the existence of social classes, invidiously perceived from lower to upper, is anathema”. Such a stratification system is not entirely agreed upon by everyone; however, it is so widely used that most people in the United States have some working knowledge of what the class system looks like.

Lower Class

People who have economic power and people who do not will most likely always be placed into dissimilar categories, despite any contentions that this placement system creates conflict or wrongly puts labels onto certain people. For example, Cohen claims that often, “lower class” is interchangeably used as a term for the “working-class population”, but that “these two groups are very different in many important ways”. These are but a few of the important and defining factors of what now constitutes the lower class in American society at present.

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