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Lord Halifax Research Papers

Lord Halifax research papers outline Halifax's role in opposing Churchill. As the model aristocrat of his day, there are many elements of this individual that should be included when studying his role in WWII. Have your research custom written on world history and this key player's role in world affairs.

Churchill’s primary opponent in the War Cabinet was Lord Halifax, whose early views on Hitler and National Socialism were terrifyingly naive and misguided, but by May 1940 Halifax could not ignore the dangers that Hitler presented for England.  Still, he fought to the end for a diplomatic solution, which he thought could be achieved by appeal to MussoliniLord HalifaxIt is possible to accuse research papers of oversimplifying matters by presenting the events of these five days as a battle between Churchill and Halifax, but the stark contrast between these two men is unmistakable and important for understanding the ways in which Churchill did not fit the mold of Conservative politician or upper class Englishman.

Lord Halifax - A British Aristocrat

Lord Halifax was a model British aristocrat of the day, a personal friend of the King (who preferred Halifax to Churchill as Chamberlain’s successor) and had his own key to the royal gardens.  Moreover, he was the model aristocratic conservative due to the following:

  • Halifax was concerned more with pragmatic solutions than theoretical concerns
  • Halifax's view of Britain was as a world empire much more than as a European state or equal partner with allies such as France and the United States
  • Halifax, at least as many research papers paint him, was perhaps the purest example of this sort of Englishman, but he shared with Chamberlain, and before him Stanley Baldwin, and with many other members of the Conservative party the status and self-image of gentlemanly guardian of Empire.

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