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Long Hot Summers of the 1960's

Long Hot Summers of the 1960's research paper due and don’t know how to start it? How about like this?

Many Civil Rights Riots occurred through the years 1964-1969. These riots consisted of blacks trying to be recognized as equal to whites as citizens of the United States.  Blacks were trying to express themselves and unfortunately they turned to violence and caused sever damage to many people, not just through property damage but also through emotional damage.  The most notable riots were the following:

  • The Los Angeles Watts Riot
  • The Detroit Riot
  • The Harlem Riot
  • The Newark Riot
Long Hot Summers of the 1960's

The Los Angeles Watts Riots start as a policeman trying to make a routine stop of a drunk driver on August 11, 1965.  Marquette and Ronald Frye were the two gentlemen that the police officer was trying to arrest. At First, the two brothers were cooperating just fine with the officer’s routine questions but then their mother, Rena Frye, came.  During this time a crowd started to form.  Rena, Marquette, Ronald and the police officer had a struggle which resulted in a police officer having to arrest all three of the Frye’s. As a result of this incident, the crowd started to get angry and broke off into big angry mobs.  These mobs rioted for six days with a result of over $40 million in property damage and 34 deaths and over a thousand injured.              

The Detroit Riot of 1967 was one of several racial uprising in American during the summer of 1967.  A crowd stated to form at the scene.  Due to this the police retreated due to fear of the African Americans.  When the riot first started the crowd was looting and burning buildings.  At first it was just the white communities but by the second day it spread to the black neighborhood.  On July 25 the National Guard had to come and break up the riot.  At the end of the riot there were 43 blacks killed, 1,189 injured and over 7,000 arrested.  After the riots Detroit became a place of great despair for the blacks that lived there.  Many things were destroyed with Detroit’s liberal political coalition being one of them.  The whites of Detroit moved to the suburbs and blacks had bad economical times. By the end of the 1960’s Detroit fought back and supporters helped it get its feet back on the ground.  

In 1964, The Harlem Riot started with African Americans rioting due to police brutality.  According to one source, “At 9:30 pm on July 18, 1964, demonstrators rioted in the Harlem neighborhood of New York City to protest the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old African American, James Powell, by a white police officer”.  The Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) sponsored the protesters. The Riot started out peacefully but eventually became violent. The rioting continued for two days before spreading to Brooklyn’s BedRord-Stuyvesant neighborhood. In this riot one person was killed and over 100 people were injured and hundreds were arrested. Even though this uprising was much smaller compared to others, it foreshadowed the other uprisings.

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