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Symbolism In David Copperfield

Symbolism in David Copperfield

Symbolism in David Copperfield research paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

In any quality piece of literature, there are numerous symbols that run the gamut from the large to the small. In David Copperfield, Charles Dickens presents a number of symbols to give depth to the story, illuminating a great deal about individual characters as well as the narrative itself. The most prolific examples of symbolism in David Copperfield:

  • Mr. Dick's Kite
  • Many examples of flowers within the novel

A symbol that relates to the former is that of Mr. Dick's kite. Many characters in the novel believe Mr. Dick to be insane, and rightfully so. However, the image of him always flying his kite represents his separation from society, whether as a result of a mental illness or of his own choosing. He is oblivious to the cares and concerns of the rest of the story's major players, and lives an innocent life all his own. He brings joy to many, just as his kite must bring to him.

A broader example of a symbol is that of the flowers that pervade the story. While Mr. Dick's kite was a symbol relating primarily to his character alone, flowers are symbolic of many things relevant to multiple characters. Throughout the novel, they represent simplicity and innocence, seen in the fact that David, nicknamed "Daisy" as a result of his naivete, gives Dora fresh flowers. They also come to symbolize rebirth, a symbol that is used in various pieces of writing. Flowers go through a process of growth, blooming in the spring, populating the world with color throughout the summer and fall, and disappearing for the winter. In much the same way, many of the characters of the novel undergo a similar transformation, changing from innocent beings at the start of the writing as a result of their experiences, and ultimately beginning anew with a refreshed outlook on life. Some symbols in David Copperfield are pervasive and obvious; some are restricted to just one scene in the novel or to only one character. Either way, the use of symbols in the novel adds enormous depth to an already fascinating novel.

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Symbolism In David Copperfield Research Papers

In any quality piece of literature, there are numerous symbols that run the gamut from the large to the small.

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