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BOOK; The Norton Anthology of World Literature, Second Edition (volumes D)

MY ASSIGNMENT: Analyze the exploits of the main character and the a ctions of its foils in the allegorical novel Monkey (1592) by Wu Ch'eng-en. What is the thematic relevance of their supernatural feats? In other words, what is the message that the allegory is supposed to convey to its audience/readers? Why are the interventions of deities or religious figures important to the plot and the resolution of certain episodes?

***Please remember that the thesis goes beyond the topic: it contains the paper's argument in a nutshell, that is:

  1. Its main idea (the focus of your analysis)
  2. Your critical approach (the way you intend to demonstrate the main idea)

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Monkey Research Paper:

I recommend that you concentrate on analyses of relevant passages first and foremost, and use summaries only briefly and if absolutely necessary for the context of your analysis. For every claim you make in the body paragraphs, you will need a supporting quotation from the text, including page references.

One kind of exercise that could help you with brainstorming is to read through the text and copy out any passages that you think may be relevant to your chosen topic(s). You might find that the very process of selecting and copying out the passages will start to jog your thinking.

All outside references, that is, all critical or theoretical works that you might (but do not have to) use must be included in a Works Cited list at the end of your essay. In case you have consulted any study guides (like Cliffs Notes) while writing your paper, I will also require a Works Consulted list. However, I do not recommend the use of any references, either printed or electronic, when writing your papers. I value more detailed analyses and well-argued personal interpretations of the texts. For the course policy on plagiarism, please review the syllabus.

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