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Metaphors are an important part of story telling or conveying an idea. In literature, a metaphor is a representation of something that gives meaning beyond the obvious. For example, Dante's Inferno is a rich, metaphorical study of the author's exile and his struggle to regain his lost faith. Though the more apparent story of the poet's experiences in Hell is worth the read in and of itself, the full impact of the work cannot be felt with delving into the symbolic elements just beneath the surface. In life, for example, a storm is a metaphor for a very upsetting or trying time. Metaphors can also be used in life to help someone understand a feeling or something beyond the scope of words.

Why are Metaphors Important?

  1. Metaphors provide a means for individuals and, ultimately, groups to create and share understanding.
  2. A Metaphor is for the establishment of common images, symbolic language, names, and understanding of how everything is connected in a society that metaphors exist.
  3. Metaphors articulate what is important and unimportant depending on the underlying values, shared interests, and common understandings.
  4. Metaphors are frameworks of rationalities and belief systems from which are built upon formal analyses, procedures, and policies.
  5. They are the control set for justification of function.

From these mental models, the foundations are built from which to initiate organization and actions. Ultimately, believing in mental models allows individuals, political and social entities to predict and control their environments. States and individuals can be successful in this process only as far as their metaphors are accurate and appropriate for the given situations. Finally, in order for them to be effective, they must be articulated and accepted within the society. Therefore, metaphors articulate the salience of perception and are at the heart of a selection process. They guide the functions of our reality. In this context, seeing is not believing, believing is seeing. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Metaphors that follows your guidelines.

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