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King Lear

King Lear

Research papers on Shakespeare's King Lear can focus on any aspect of the play or on King Lear himself. Whatever you need studied, Paper Masters can provide in a custom written research paper.

In addition to the fact that Shakespeare named the play after Lear, his central character, King Lear is the central character because the people in the play all revolve around him, his actions, his decisions, etc. The choices that he makes not only affect his life but also that of the others involved in the story. As a father, he learns about the relationships between himself and his daughters.

King Lear comes to understand greed, deceit and envy.

  • As a king, he comes to understand the feeling of loss, and of desperation when his kingdom and very life are threatened.
  • As a father, these same feelings of loss and desperation are experienced when he realizes the hurt with which he offended his youngest daughter.
  • As a friend, he learns from his subjects and his daughter's friends about loyalty.

In the end, he and a friend come to a sense of self-realization, and they understand that despite familial relationships that are strained or broken, there are always some people loyal and willing to stand by you until the end.

As the father of three daughters, King Lear was certainly outnumbered in the arena of hormones and women's emotions. King Lear's daughters are as follows:

  • Regan
  • Goneril
  • Cordelia

As Lear came to the end of his time as the king in authority, sitting in government over his subjects, he began to evaluate his relationships with his daughters. However, the King lacked the insight needed to penetrate the hearts of his daughters, and likely, the hearts of most women. While Goneril and Regan's world revolved around their father the king, they did not relish this centricity. Instead, they plotted greedily and lustfully to gain the greatest favor of their father, and hence, seize the throne and country for themselves.

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