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The God Delusion

The God Delusion

Research papers on The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins are required for either literature courses or religion classes. Paper Masters will help you write your research paper on the God Delusion and make sure you understand the complex examination of the atheists view of God.

The God Delusion is a 2006 book by noted English biologist and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins. In the book, Dawkins not only argues that the existence of God is almost certainly a myth, but maintains that believing in a supernatural creator is akin to a delusion, which he defines in his premise as maintaining a persistent false belief in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Dawkins and The God Delusion

The God Delusion was not Dawkins' first foray into atheistic publishing. His 1986 book, The Blind Watchmaker, for example, sought to demonstrate how evolution explains the natural world without the need for a intelligent designer. Dawkins had wanted to publish a book more openly critical of religion, but was dissuaded by his publisher. It was only after other books, including those written by Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, that Dawkins publisher relented.

The God Delusion is divided into ten chapters and contains four "consciousness raising" messages. They are:

  1. Atheists can be morally and intellectually fulfilled
  2. Natural selection is a superior theory for explaining the universe
  3. Children should not be labeled according to their parents' religions
  4. Atheists should be proud, since it is evidence of a healthy and independent mind

Dawkins book was met with both commercial and critical success as well as criticism. Dawkins continues to maintain that religion has a negative influence on society.

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The God Delusion Research Papers

The God Delusion research papers discuss Richard Dawkins' arguements against the existence of God and illustrate the atheist's view regarding God.

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