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Dr Moreau

Dr. Moreau Under the Knife

Paper Masters custom writes our research paper and we will produce for you a paper on any of H.G. Wells' works. His two main works are The Island of Dr. Moreau and Under the Knife. A custom paper can be written on either or comparing both works of fiction.

A good Literature research paper on the works of H.G. Wells may be a comparison of 2 works by Wells:

  • The Island of Dr. Moreau
  • Wells' short story - Under the knife

Representations of monstrosity are apparent throughout both H.G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau and Octavia Butler's Dawn. In the case of The Island of Dr. Moreau, Wells introduces the idea of monstrosity in a gradual way.

Thesis for a Research Paper Comparing The Island of Dr. Moreau and Under the Knife

Here is and example thesis of a Dr. Moraeau/Under the Knife research paper, but you may reword it if you think it to be necessary:

Throughout the Island of Dr. Moreau, Wells emphasizes theevil side of science and in his short story, "under the knife" surgery on living objects is a major theme, which surfaces again as a theme in the novel as well. The thesis for the research paper will be proven from correct facts from his life, as to what made his have these types of themes in his works. You should try to include 1 - 2 quotes in each paragraph and written in the 3rd person.

Introduction to The Island of Dr. Moreau and Under the Knife

H.G. Wells believed intensely in the productive aspects of science and the potential of the human race. At the same time, he was also acutely aware that scientific knowledge placed in the wrong hands could result in evil caused by the darker aspects of humanity. Wells develops a brilliant metaphor in the form of surgery as a way to combine and comment upon the positive and negative divide of scientific advancement in the hands of a brute race. In both The Island of Dr. Moreau and "Under the Knife" Wells develops his idea that surgery will be necessary in order to attain his hopes for a utopian society.

A utopian ideal was for H.G. Wells not a hopelessly unattainable possibility, but he was enough of a pragmatist to realize that it would require some unpleasant social construction. In "A Modern Utopia" he recognizes the obstacle in the path of a perfect society: "Then there are persons tainted with certain foul and transmissible diseases. All these people spoil the world for others. They may become parents, and with most of them there is manifestly nothing to be done but to seclude them from the great body of the population". And then he offers up a very interesting solution to this problem: "You must resort to a kind of social surgery". He immediately goes on to admit that this kind of extreme social construction could result in disaster were those in charge to be cruel in the execution, but offers a glimpse of his innate optimism by suggesting that a true utopia be governed by benevolent leaders. Wells would return to the metaphor of surgery as a means of cleansing the body politics in both The Island of Dr. Moreau and "Under the Knife."

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Dr Moreau Research Papers

This research paper topic suggestion is a comparison of 2 works by Wells - The Island of Dr. Moreau, and his short story, Under the knife.

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