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Caribbean Literature

Caribbean Literature

Literature projects can cover any type of literature when they are custom written. If you need a study on a geographical location such as the Caribbean, have the writers at Paper Masters custom write your project on any region.

While the language in which it is written may vary based on the colonial origins of the culture, Caribbean literature often reflects similar trends and experiences. The various European nations that colonized the countries of the Caribbean all left their mark on the literature of the country via the language enforced upon the native peoples; this is often where the difference in writing stops, however. The vast majority of Caribbean literature focuses on concepts such as the following:

These ideas are hallmarks of those peoples whose culture was threatened, appropriated, or simply eliminated as a result of imperialist practices.

Caribbean literature provided one significant benefit to the peoples about and for whom it was written: the development of linguistic differences between it and language of the colonial powers. These local dialects allowed the people of the Caribbean to develop an identity separate from those who ruled them; over time, these linguistic differences would become one of the most important fights in the fight for sovereignty. It is imperative to separate Caribbean literature written by people native to the region and literature written by Europeans while either visiting or living in the region. The latter provides an outsiders' perspective on the native culture and lifestyle of the region, while the former has authenticity and realism in its words. This literature, along with other forms of art, may be one of the few ways people indigenous to these colonizes areas are able to express who they are and how their identity is altogether different from the understanding placed upon them by European powers.

The Caribbean is made up of many small islands and nations which were initially controlled by Britain. The Caribbean is a very different place now than it was fifty years ago. Many of the nations are now independent of each other. Their main form of economics is tourism. Many of these places have benefited greatly in the last several decades. Yet, fifty years ago, the nations were banded together under what was called the Caribbean Federation. At the time, Britain controlled much of the islands, also known as the West Indies. The main objective of the Federation was to become one nation which was independent of the United Kingdom. Before the vision could be fulfilled, the Federation fell apart because of internal political influence and differences. The question still remains whether or not the Caribbean nations would have benefited more by being united or not.

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