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Literary Analysis of Bless Me Ultima

Literary Analysis of Bless Me, Ultima

The topic of this book report will revolve around your understanding of your chosen novel ("Literary Analysis of Bless Me, Ultima" by Rudolfo Anaya ) and your own analysis of the events, people, and circumstances in the story. Regardless of what aspect of the novel you would like to explore, research, and write about, your paper must have a PURPOSE. HINT: when you begin your research, and definitely before you begin writing your paper, think of a these or focus that you would like to prove. Consider: what is the significance of the topic I have chosen? What will I try to share with my audience readers? What will I prove? What Idea interests me that I would like to pursue? There will be four parts to your research paper which are:


I. Introduction (1 page; no sources required, but recommended)

A. Grabber focus of your paper
B. Questions posed-questions that you intend to find answers to
C. what your research seeks to prove; your intentions
D. Thesis statement

II. Background Information (2 pages; 4-6 sources-minimum of 2 print sources)

A. Historical aspect of the time period your novel was written
B. Historical aspect of the time period in which the setting of your novel takes place
C. How do these major events affect the way you read the novel?
D. How do these historical events relate to the novel?
E. What does the novel say about both time periods?
F. Authors biography & relation to these historical events

III. Literary analysis and persuasion (2 pages; 4-6 sources-minimum 2 print sources)

A. This is the part where you refer back to Part I and prove your thesis; you get to argue why your topic is significant and why the reader should feel the same way you do about your topic; you write this section as if it were the body of an essay
B. Be logical, reasonable, and persuasive in your argument using the research that you have gathered as well as your own interpretation and meaning
C. I really want to hear YOUR voice and opinion- however backed up by your research and findings
D. What do critics and historians have to say about your topic? Do you agree with the critics, or do you disagree? why?


IV. Conclusion and real world application (1 pages; 2 sources required, but recommended)

A. What have you learned from your research?
B. Were there things you found that you had not anticipated?
C. how do your findings or your topic relate to the real/modern world- the world we live in now? Provide some examples & provide possible solutions to the problem

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Literary Analysis of Bless Me Ultima Research Papers

This book report revolves around the understanding of the novel “Bless Me, Ultima" by Rudolfo Anaya.

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