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Aeneid of virgil

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The Aeneid of Virgil can be discussed in a custom written research paper that focuses on Virgil and his life, the works and how it illustrates the culture and history of the day or any other aspect of Virgil's Aeneid. If Paper Masters writes the research paper, the writer will answer an interpretive question on the verse.

Epic poems have been around for centuries and were one of the favorite types of writing for the Greeks, The Cultures of India are rich in traditions and are defined by their religious beliefs, Indian marriages, clothing, cuisine, and many other earlier civilizations.These epic poems described stories artistically in ways which morals and values seemed to ignite to those who read them. Unfortunately, many times these older poems are written in languages which many have difficulty with understanding and comprehending today.Without being able to easily read the poems, the stories and the morals hidden within are often lost on the readers. Allen Mandelbaum interpretation of the Aeneid by Virgil opens the world to the stories and ideas hidden within the texts of old.Like Virgil did for millions of people before, Mandelbaum brings the stories hidden within the ancient Latin to life in a way that is both easy to understand and entertaining, holding the audience. He does a superb job of maintaining the story in the epic poem genre.

Aeneid of Virgil Research Paper Elements

A research paper on The Aeneid of Virgil from Paper Masters may focus on a verse translation by Allen Mandelbaum or any other version of the text. You should come up with an interpretive question which solicits meanings, explanations and justifications for what happens in the text. It should have two or more possible answers, all of which can be supported by evidence from the text. The research paper must include:

  1. Interpretive analysis instead of a plot summary the illustrates understanding and evidence from The Aeneid of Virgil
  2. Clarity of expression
  3. Clear organization
  4. Reference to specific passages in The Aeneid of Virgil and explain them clearly
  5. Evidence of a sustained effort of reflection about complex and problematic issues in the Aeneid

This epic poem shows the interconnectivity between the people and the Gods. Many during the time, believe that the destinies of the people were in the hands of the Gods, of whose agenda was sometimes selfish. Many times, the lives of the heroes are held in the balance and are saved not because a god cared for the people but because they were mad at another god. The same can be said for the reasons that Juno causes so much strife. It is not because she has something against the people but because she is angry and vexed because of other gods and their decisions.

Virgil wrote this piece at a time of civil war and therefore, there is much political value to it. The Republic has been thrown into ciaos and is quickly breaking down socially. It is during this time that the emperor tries to revitalize the faith of the people by re-introducing Roman values and Virgil writes the Aeneid to do just that. The main point that is given is that the gods work through humans and that the emperor is backed by the gods. The problem is that at the same time, the Aeneid shows the disconnectedness of the gods and the people. It shows that the gods often use the people as pawns in their own games. When looking at the problem from this angle, it can be seen that some readers would decide that the gods were selfish and therefore following the destiny of such creatures was not in the best interest of the people.

About The Aeneid of Virgil

Originally written by Virgil in the first century B.C., the Aeneid tells of the adventures of Aeneas, a Trojan as he travels to Italy and becomes an ancestor of the Romans.The story begins with Aeneas wandering from Troy to Italy and then tells of the war with the Latins once there. Aeneas, was known from other stories, mainly the Iliad and Virgil craftily structured the poem to tie Rome to Troy as well as make a connection between the dynasty which ruled Rome at the time and the heroes and gods of both Rome and Troy.This gave a type of legitimization to the dynasty as descendants of these heroes. With this kept in mind, does the epic poem truly lend to the legitimacy of the Caesars of the times or can it be used as opposition as well?

The epic poem states that Aeneas is on a quest because he was destined to be the father of a race which would become great. It is known that Aeneas is part God himself, his mother being Venus. One of his main enemies is Juno, another God whom is jealous because of issues with his mother and the idea that it is prophesied that Aeneas will destroy her favorite city, Carthage. She convinces Aeolus, King of the Winds to unleash a terrible storm upon Aeneas and his men. When Neptune, King of the Water, finds out that Juno invaded his space, he is unhappy and to spite her, helps Aeneas by providing safe passage to Africa. There he is greeted by his mother and goes to Carthage where he gains the favor of the queen, Dido.

Virgil also brings together the other epic poems in which Aeneas is first found and ties together the two by describing how Venus saved him from the Greeks when Troy was tricked by Ulysses and his wooden horse.He tells of how his wife is murdered in the siege and that he takes control of the survivors and helps them get to safety in other areas. It tells of the revival of Troy and how many tried to replicate the city.Virgil is careful to note that Aeneas's son survived

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