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About Love

About Love

About Love research paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

The story, About Love, by Anton Chekhov, is one in which the About Love of loving those obviously inappropriate or unobtainable is depicted by two examples.

About Love by Anton Chekhov:

  • Plot of About Love: A man is helplessly in love with a married woman
  • Main Characters in About Love: Alehin and Anna Alexyevna
  • Theme of About Love: Morals and fear can prevent love from being able to overcome situations

While the beginning of the story centers on a young woman loving a man who is not only unattractive but who physically abuses her, the majority of the story centers on a man who is helplessly in love with a woman who is already married, and of her hidden love for him in return. As stated by the author by way of his characters conversation, there is often no one general explanation for why someone loves another, or why the heart makes the choices it does. Although love is one of the most powerful forces on earth, a deeply embedded moral system and fear can prevent it from overcoming all in given situations as proven by the story of Alehin and Anna Alexyevna.

About Love's Story

Alehin tells his sad story of love to his two friends one rainy afternoon at lunchtime. He begins by questioning how the beautiful Pelagea can love the ugly and abusive Nikanor, especially since Nikanor gets drunk and abuses her. Although he is questioning how one beautiful individual can love one who is apparently undeserving of that love, Alehin's friends surmise that he has a story to tell so they listen as Alehin unburdens himself of his own painful love story.

About Love and Education

Alehin begins by telling of how he was well educated by his father, and how this education led to his belief that he was meant for more than hard labor. It is in the telling of this first part of his story that the reader gets a glimpse of Alehin's deep moral fiber. Even though he wants to live the life of an "idle gentleman", he chooses instead to return to his father's farm because, "there was a big debt owing on the estate when I came here, and as my father was in debt partly because he had spent so much on my education, I resolved not to go away, but to work till I paid off the debt". Alehin made the conscious choice to give up what he really wanted to repay his father even though he viewed the idea with, "some repugnance".

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