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Romanticism in literature

Romanticism in Literature

Romanticism in literature is a topic that Paper Masters has explored many times throughout our 18 years writing for college students. Our writers love to write on literature topics, as many of them were English majors and Lit majors before becoming writers. Have our professional writers explain romanticism in literature in a custom project today.

Although the term 'Romanticism' is generally used to refer to literature and/or art that contains manifestations of certain influences that spread throughout Europe in the late eighteenth century and nineteenth centuries, appearing later in North America, the cultural phenomenon of Romanticism transcends the categorization of a particular type of literature, visual art, or music. Indeed, the ideas that formed the basis of Romanticism in literature effected a profound sway over all aspects of European culture. Essentially, a research paper on Romanticism in Literature conveys that the romantic era represented a response to the pervasive cultural changes that were rapidly taking place in the European society and worldview as a result of industrialization and the industrialized way of life.

Romanticism and Industrialization

The literature research paper on Romanticism in Literature states the alienation in the face of industrialization that many people began to express during the late 1700s and early 1800s resulted in a reassessment of the traditional ways of thinking and viewing the external world that had persisted for quite some time. The rise of the city as the new landscape forced new parameters for the relationship between people and the world. Although the momentum of progress made it clear that technological advances were not going to cease their headway, it was increasingly unclear what role the individual was going to play in the industrialized world.

Research on American Romanticism in Literature

American Romanticism is a shift in consciousness in American writers and in society. Though industrialization was booming and people were moving into the cities, at the same time, there was a movement westward. Americans were assimilating themselves into their relatively new country and beginning the exploration outward. Writers were also venturing inwards, to explore the new worlds within man himself. Rebellion and patriotism were taking a backseat to the exploration of feelings, words, and emotions. The orthodox religion of American was a restrictive Protestant Christianity rising out of Puritanism that preached restraint of human feelings and the natural depravity of man. It was time for Americans to break out of their imposed restrictions and enjoy all the freedoms that were possible in the new country. Writers could express not only the influences of the past, but also their full range of emotions in expanding the freedom from the past. Three pillars of American Romanticism are:

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Romanticism in literature Research Papers

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