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Research papers on myths can look at them from the perspective of a societies' culture or their literary myths. Paper Masters custom writes research papers and myths are one of the most interesting topics our writers write on.

Myths are "matchmakers whose vocation is to introduce the human heart to what they represent" according research papers on myth. This means that myths, through the telling of a story, represent an idea or belief held by a community in which it ritually reenacts to foster this belief. Myths are rooted in the past and represents a belief that has been handed down through a story.

Myths in Western Culture

Myths in Western Culture are difficult to disseminate since they are rooted in basic cultural beliefs that are difficult to separate from reality. Modern man cannot see his own myths due to the fact that they are closely related to his reality. Take for example two of the Western World's most prolific myths:

  1. Creationism
  2. An all-knowing god in control of man's fate

the myth of creationism. This myth states that God created the world in seven days and formed it out of nothing. While science has virtually proven this supposition to be a myth of western religion, still a vast number of persons in western culture believe it to be true. This is an example of difficulty a culture may have in separating myth from reality.

Behavior and Myth

Myths structure our world and determine how societies behave. In the Western World, Darwinism and creationism are the two basic belief in how the world was formed. Modern western culture is shaped by the religion that creationism is based upon. For example, our political leaders use their religious beliefs as a platform for convincing voters that they are moral and possess good judgment for society based on religious convictions. A large portion of society buys into the idea that because an individual has faith in the myths that have been handed down through western religion, the individual is fit for making judgments based on those beliefs. Undoubtedly, if Darwinism and science was the foundation of a political leaders beliefs, his or her decisions would be much different and our society would be shaped differently because of this.

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Myths Research Papers

Myth research papers examine the literary genre of myth in such works as the Odyssey, Illiad and many more classic works of literature. Research paper examples on myth can be custom written from Paper Masters.

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