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"Hero" research papers discuss how the concept of a hero is a typical theme in literature today and in the past. The "hero's journey" is something that is in nearly all works of literature and should be explicated clearly in your research paper. Have Paper Masters custom write your research project on being a hero or the hero's journey.

Stories from literature that contain a hero and his or her journey include the following:

What do we mean to say when we call someone a hero? Surely it is not only that he has acted in courage and successful way. We expect heroes not only to achieve some kind of greatness, but also to overcome obstacles on the way to greatness. Heroism achieved easily isn't heroism at all. We look upon someone as a hero, rather than simply a champion, when he achieves more than could reasonably have been expected of him.

Hero in Greek Mythology

This is easy to see by way of example. In the context of Greek mythology, there is no way in which we may regard Zeus - or any god - as a hero. We may say that heroism applies only to humans, but in so doing we are acknowledge that heroes are those who become great despite shortcomings. On a much more mundane level, consider a young girl bullied by boys. A teacher stepping in to rescue her is not a hero - it is what is expected of him. But if a small and otherwise timid classmate were to stand up to the bullies we would not hesitate to call him a hero; he has not only done good but also done more than we could have expected from him.

Odysseus, the Hero

In this sense, we might even question whether the Odysseus of the last several books of The Odyssey is a hero: after what he has already achieved and overcome there is little doubt that he will defeat the suitors - it is expected of him. The same can hardly be said of Telemachus. When we meet him he is little more than a simpering teenager, yet he grows in stature nearly to equal his father's. While Telemachus may not be the hero of the Odyssey, he is certainly a hero, and is recognizable as such because of the growth he experiences as a man throughout the tale.

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Hero Research Papers

Hero research papers write on the concept of the heroic ideal in literature. Research papers and essays from Paper Masters on Ancient Greek Literature cover topics such as being a hero and the hero's journey.

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