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Desolation Angels

Desolation Angels

Research papers on Desolation Angels recount the life of Jack Kerouac, as told by the author himself. Have Paper Masters custom write your Desolation Angels research paper and save time today.

In Jack Kerouac's novel Desolation Angels, he gives another autobiographical recollection of his life. Although this one is in his later years, the reader gets a similar but different view of Kerouac. Similar to his other books Kerouac includes his friends through their fictitious names:

In this book Kerouac explores different feelings throughout his travels. After giving a brief overview of the book we will look at more defined sections of the book and relate the affair Kerouac had with Joyce Johnson and her introduction to the book.

Desolation Angels

Desolation Angels is broken into two different books with each book containing their own segments. The reason for this type of structure may be defined by Johnson who stated that Kerouac wanted to make Book Two a book of its own. Desolation Angels, begins with Kerouac coming down from a fire post he held for seventy days. As Kerouac waits out his stay at the fire post he realizes it is not all he thought it would be. Kerouac goes up to the job with grand thoughts about all he could do in the isolation and seclusion, far away from the distractions of everyday life. However, after a few days Kerouac becomes bored and begins to fantasize. Jack goes on to realize the trouble with the desolation that he so greatly anticipated was "no, characters, alone, isolated". After Jack's brief view of the isolation he thought he longed for, he returned to San Francisco. When he returns the reader gets a sense of the old Kerouac novels as Jack meets up with all his old pals and they start up where they left off for the most part. Jack gets back into drinking, drugs and women. One thing did change between the gang this time around; it seemed that Jack could not escape the Desolation Angels. For instance, as Jack begins to discuss his time in Mexico he states, "So the brew was this: ---the boys were coming down to Mexico City to join me. The Desolation Angels again". Throughout the book Jack continues to travel, at times with his friends, although it did not matter because even with them he could not escape the Desolation Angels. At the conclusion of the book, Kerouac returns to live with his mother, who he mentions a great deal in the book. At the end of the book the reader is lead to believe that Kerouac is content in his "peaceful sorrow".

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Desolation Angels Research Papers

Desolation Angels Research Papers discuss an autobiography about Jack Kerouac, written by himself.

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