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Anne Moody

Anne Moody and Civil Rights

Many literature courses require that important authors are studied for insight into their works and the era in which they lived. Anne Moody is an excellent author to write a research paper on due to her works influence in describing the civil rights era in which Moody lived. Possible topics for research papers on Anne Moody and civil rights include:

  • How did Moody depict the civil rights struggle in Coming of Age in Mississippi?
  • Did Moody write her works before or after the height of the civil rights movement?
  • What influential figures does Moody discuss in her works?

How do you start a Anne Moody and Civil Rights research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Anne Moody grew up in a time and a place that we hope has disappeared forever. Growing up African-American in the rural South, before the Civil Rights Era, was a struggle for existence. Coming of Age in Mississippi is the story of how she fought to make her world a better one, a more equal one. Anne Moody was intimately involved in the Civil Rights struggle in the early 1960s, fighting racism, sexism, and an America that had so far failed to live up to its promises.

Civil Rights and the South

The opening line of Anne Moody's autobiography provides some clue as to just how bad were conditions were for blacks in the South. "I'm still haunted by dreams of the time we lived on Mr. Carter's plantation". Moody's parents were sharecroppers, and the descriptions of life for her family could have occurred in the 1870s, and not the 1940s. Even moving to the city was little better, her mother (after Anne's father deserted) was forced to take a series of domestic jobs, work that left her physically defeated and as impoverished as ever.

Anne Moody as a Child

As children, differences such as black and white do not matter. Children play together without regard for differences. That is until adults make them aware of the difference. For Anne, it was the movie theater, where she could not sit downstairs with her white friends. "I had never really thought of them as white before. Now all of the sudden they were white, and their whiteness made them better than me". Anne realized that everything connected with being white was better, nicer, and newer. The inherent injustice of her society struck her in the face every day, even as a child.

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