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The Quiet American

The Quiet American

Review: The Quiet American Research Paper

A book review on The Quiet American can be custom written by the writers at Paper Masters. Our literature writers will show you how to write on the novel by Graham Greene that has become a classic in American Literature.

Below is an outline on how to write a book review. Apply it to the Quiet American to insure you get the best possible grade.

How to Write a Book Review

  1. It must communicate to the reader your evaluation of a book or something else in such a way that the reader then can make his own estimate of the work. To do this you must meet 3 requirements:
    • Report what the books does.
    • Judge how well it does it.
    • Provide enough evidence from the book to support or illustrate your judgment.
  2. If you tell only what the book does and how well it does it you are writing a synopsis not a review.
  3. If you fail to support of illustrate your judgments from the book itself you give the reader no opportunity of forming his own judgment. No reviewer has the right to assume that his unsupported opinions will be accepted as facts. He must present evidence for all assertions.
  4. You must be fair to the work you are judging (do not let your prejudices of preferences blind you to the merit or demerit of the work).
  5. Too much attention to a report of content is generally weakness in a review.

Preparation for the review of The Quiet American:

  • Careful reading precedes careful writing (hint: use posted notes to mark passages that you might want to quote in your review).
  • An honest reviewer will not make a final judgement until he has read the entire book. He will begin to formulate tentative judgments as he goes along.
  • Always pay special attention to the introductory or prefatory material. The preface is often the clearest statement and author proposes to do. It may also contain explanations which will affect your review. Do not condemn a writer for what he did not intend to do.
  • Take notes as you read. A clear statement of the purpose of the book hints about it's organization, references to pages and passages which illustrates the authors style or which special mention in the review.
  • As a writer you are free to organize and present material in whatever way best suits your purpose.
  • The first step is a concern with the purpose, your purpose that is. Review your notes and analyze your impressions in order to form a judgment.

How to Begin your Book Review on The Quiet American

  1. Plunge at once into your final judgment of the book and then devote succeeding paragraph to the reasons for that judgment. (may be abrupt)
  2. Introduce the author, tell the reader who he is, and what other books he has written, how he came to write this one. (research required)
  3. Summarize the problem the author is discussing.
  4. Give an anecdote or illustration either to suggest the mood of the review or to introduce your attitude for the subject.
  5. Use a quotation that sums up the purpose of the book.
  6. Describe the book in general terms in order to give the reader a brief comprehensive picture of it.
  7. Classify the book to show how it resembles or differs from others of the same kind.
  8. You may combine two or more of these openings.


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