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The New Negro During The Harlem Renaissance

The New Negro During the Harlem Renaissance

A common assignment onThe New Negro During the Harlem Renaissance is as follows:

When completing a research paper on The New Negro During the Harlem Renaissance, explore "How visual artists played a key role in creating depictions of the New Negro during the Harlem Renaissance.
Please follow the format below:
Requirements for The New Negro During the Harlem Renaissance Research Paper

You will submit a esearch paper on a topic area related to subjects discussed in the text, The New Negro. Your paper must include the following elements to be considered a thorough explication of the topic of the New Negro:

  1. Introduction: Present your thesis. Describe what topic you are researching and why? Discuss your methodology?
  2. Results: Describe the outcome of your research. This section should include the sub-topics as indicated in the Table of Contents.
  3. Analysis: How does the research relate to the discussion of any of the themes from the readings. You must be specific in discussing your points of analysis. Analysis of your topic must be at least four typewritten pages.
  4. Annotated Bibliography: Develop an annotated (description of each site) bibliography with at least ten internet sources and five books or journal articles.
  5. Conclusion: Each section must be labelled. Please follow the instructions and contact the Professor beforehand with any questions.

The Harlem Renaissance Overview:

The Harlem Renaissance was a brief but intense period of unparalleled artistic evolution among African-Americans that pivoted around the creative ferment of the Harlem community in upper Manhattan. Artists, poets, novelists, musicians, scholars, folklorists, and activists came together during this era and, together, created a new, shared aesthetic sensibility that was at once based on the European-American notion of high culture but grounded in folk traditions and proud racial identification.

Although the Harlem Renaissance and the related New Negro Movement lost much of their immediate motivation and influence during the Great Depression and World War II, the artistic breakthroughs, connections, and modernization that occurred in the span of little more than a decade remain historically significant and highly influential even today. In addition to forging the first widespread artistic community comprised of African-American artists and writers, the Harlem Renaissance era produced a remarkable body of literary texts and artworks that encapsulate various aspects of the emergent Black identity that first began to coalesce during these years. The themes, motifs, and preoccupations evident in Harlem Renaissance-era texts continue to resonate in the work of current-day African-American writers.

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This is a topic on
The New Negro During The Harlem Renaissance Research Papers

The New Negro During the Harlem Renaissance Research Paper examines a sample of an order placed on African American artists during a specific time period.

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