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Frederic Henry of A Farewell To Arms

Frederic Henry of A Farewell to Arms

Research papers that do a character sketch of Frederic Henry of A Farewell to Arms can be custom written by Paper Masters' Literature writers. We can also suggest topics to do an in-depth analysis on Frederic Henry. Literature topics such as the following are excellent choices regarding Henry and A Farewell to Arms:

  • Henry is shallow...why and give evidence of his shallow behavior.
  • Henry is searching for something - what and why
  • Is Henry a likable character or is it the people around him that draw one to him?

A Farewell to Arms opens with Frederic Henry, a young American student in Italy when World War I breaks out, volunteering as an army ambulance driver. It seems Frederick has no strong family ties and only keeps in touch with his grandfather, who regularly sends him money. He is commissioned as a Second Lieutenant, and sent to the mountains where Italy is fighting Austria. He appears not to be to fascinated with loving others, but more in touch with physical gratification. At one point, he confides in the chaplain about his escapades and the chaplain responds, "What you tell me about in the nights. That is not love. That is only passion and lust." On a short leave from fighting, he is content to go to Rome and Naples and partake in drinking and chasing women. When Frederick returns from leave, he is full of remorse for squandering his time and money. There is a sense of him almost searching for something more.

Frederick's Roommate

Frederick's roommate, Rinaldi, has an attraction to oneof the British nurses now stationed in the area hospital. Catherine Barkely is a young woman who's personality changes have taken place before her entrance in the story due to the horrific circumstances of her fiancee. The young man she was to marry was shot and killed in the war. This gives her an almost cynical view on everything around her. Rinaldi drags Frederick with him on a visit to the hospital and an immediate chemistry emerges between Catherine and Henry.

Henry and Catherine

At first Henry's attitude towards Catherine is nothing more, he reasons, than a wartime flirtation. Catherine views it as more. She is in need of tenderness and encourages his affections. Before he is sent to the front, Catherine gives Frederick a St. Anthony medal of protection.

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