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Boxing In The Sun Also Rises

Boxing in The Sun Also Rises

Ernest Hemingway's love for bullfighting shows forth in the comparison between a bull's horns and a fighter's fists confirms the importance of boxing as a theme in The Sun Also Rises - a point that was established during earlier events set in Paris. On a much deeper level, boxing is symbolic for the relationship between men and women, specifically, with Robert Cohn. There, in conversation with Jake, Bill Gorton spoke of America developing "a whole crop of great young light heavyweights. Any one of them was a good prospect to grow up

The main importance of boxing in the novel is drawn out in the following approaches:

  1. The way it is used to portray and make light of one of the central characters, Robert Cohn
  2. Illuminate how Cohn's status as a boxer and romantic lover is strictly amateur.
  3. Bring to light the theme of failed romance and sexuality in the novel as symbolic to Hemingway of the failure of society to endure and rejuvenate itself after the war.

Hemingway expected his readers to see a parallel between Cohn's amateur boxing and amorous bouts has strong support, which is a significant association of a pattern of action and appearance that is set when Cohn angrily challenges Jake for telling him to go to hell. Sensing an insult to his image of Brett Ashley, Cohn "stood up from the table his face white." Jake tells him to "cut out that prep school" stuff" and he pacifies Cohn, who "smiled again and sat down". Cohn can't win his battle as Pedro Romero knocks him down repeatedly, with a knock out. With his career ruined and his failures exposed, Cohn is beaten. He is far more lost than the others because he is the symbol for chivalry and romantic love. Unfortunately for Cohn, romantic love is dead and chivalry is no longer in style. Therefore, according to Hemingway, he is a lost soul in the world that emerges Post WWI.

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