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Research Papers in the Literary Arts

Research papers in the literary arts discuss various aspects of literature and its relation to the literary artform of writing. Custom written literary arts projects are a specialty of Paper Masters. Our literature writers can explicate any work of literature you need in a research paper.

The literary arts, at their most basic level, include any written work. Also called literature, the literary arts generally refer to those written works deemed to have some merit. Defining “literature” can be a difficult and subjective task, as the literary arts are generally culturally relative. However, identifying the major forms of the literary arts is a far easier task.

Literature is frequently divided between to following two genres:

  1. Poetry
  2. Prose

Poetry is a literary art that uses the rhythmic and aesthetic qualities of language to express images or evoke subtle meaning. Literary ArtsTraditional definitions of poetry frequently include the need for a rhyme scheme, but rhyming is not necessary to great poetry. Poetry is perhaps the oldest of the literary arts, predating writing, as many ancient epics such as The Iliad were passed on orally for centuries before being written down.

Literary Arts

Prose literature is that form that uses natural speech and syntax as opposed to a rhythmic, poetic structure. Most prose is subdivided into the following three categories:

  1. Novels
  2. Novellas
  3. Short stories

Novels are long forms of literary arts, and the dominant form of literature today. Short stories, an equally strong tradition, are represented by the works of Edgar Allan Poe, for example, condensed stories that may only be a few pages. Novellas are in between: too short to be a novel, and too long to be a short story.

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