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Linguistic Intelligence

Often when writing an education based research paper you will run into the concept of multiple intelligences. Linguistic intelligence is one of the types of intelligences identified under Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. According to INFED Gardner established eight different learning modalities in his book Frames of Multiple Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. These eight intelligences are:

Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence and Words

People who have been identified with having linguistic intelligence usually understand words and their use both literally and figuratively. They are able to communicate clearly, whether orally or in writing. They have a deep understanding of grammar conventions. They understand the different ways to use langue to serve a particular purpose, for example how to persuade others with their words. Usually people with linguistic intelligence have and use a vast vocabulary in their oral or written communication. Many with linguistic intelligence are able to learn and use multiple languages.

Many people with linguistic intelligence find careers as writers, poets, and public speakers. Lawyers and politicians have linguistic intelligence because they are required to use their words to persuade others. They have to have and understanding of how to use their words and voice inflections to craft the message they want to portray to a courtroom or the general public.

Linguistic Intelligence and Careers

Some people have linguistic intelligence, but do not see that intelligence in them because they do not use their ability for their careers. Storytellers have linguistic intelligence. So do those who love to do crossword puzzles because they have an interest in words and their meanings.

Examples of famous people with linguistic intelligence are Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. Maya Angelou and William Shakespeare used their ability to craft words to create poetry and dramas. Abraham Lincoln demonstrated his linguistic intelligence during his election speeches and his presidential speeches like his inaugural address and the Gettysburg Address. Finally, Martin Luther King Jr. demonstrated his linguistic ability in his persuasive speeches during the Civil Rights movement.

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