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Life Cycles of Women Research Papers

The Life Cycles of Women is a topic that Paper Masters custom writes science or biology research papers on very frequently due to its popularity for study in nearly every college biology course.

The life cycle of women includes childhood, then adolescence with the start of her menstrual cycle, followed by her fertile years where pregnancy is a possibility, and ending with menopause where she can no longer get pregnant. Life Cycles of WomenThe cycle is documented as

  • Birth
  • Puberty
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy or infertility
  • Menopause

During childhood and adolescence, a woman begins to have an awareness of her body and all the changes she will go through over the years. It is in this stage that a woman understands the benefit of having a good diet, exercising regularly and what it means to be sexually active. Poor choices made during childhood and adolescence can adversely affect a woman as she becomes an adult. According to doctors, there are an increasing number of young women who are suffering from challenges such as endometriosis, PMS, and problems with their monthly periods due to poor diet choices during childhood and adolescence.

Once a woman begins menstruating, she has entered her fertile years and has the potential to become pregnant. During the fertile years, women are prone to issues related to their reproductive organs especially fibroid tumors and heavy periods. A woman attempting to have children becomes very aware of her ‘biological clock’ which gives a specific time-frame for pregnancy to occur. Once a woman leaves her fertility stage, she enters menopause. It is during menopause that her hormone levels are likely unbalanced and it can be a very uncomfortable period of time as she adjusts to all the changes within her body. During menopause, bone density is affected and many women are prone to dealing with osteoporosis. To counteract the many changes that women go through during their life cycle, doctors recommend good nutrition and natural hormone treatments as a way to make a difference in the quality and fulfillment of a woman’s life.

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