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Life After Death Research Papers

Within a life after death research paper, an attempt should be made to provide a careful analysis of the philosophical debate over life after death.  It is the thesis of many life after death research papers that the spiritual existence of the human survives death and continues after the physical body has ceased to live. In order to write a good paper on life after death, your project should be sure to explain some of the following elements:

  • Define and clarify the meaning of spiritual existence. 
  • Review a casein which near death experiences have been described as a means of providing evidence for the survival of spiritual existence. 
  • Give Life After Deathan overview of scientific explanations which have been used to explain near death experiences will also be presented.
  • Provide an explanation as to why scientific explanations have failed in providing sufficient evidence to negate the reality of NDE’s and the survival of spiritual existence after biological death.

As many life after death term papers suggests, the question of whether there is life after death has been asked and debated since the dawn of civilization. When one is confronted by his/her own mortality, the question is one of the most important and personable questions which can be asked. Currently, there are many arguments both for and against the experience of life after death which have been used to in attempts to answer this age old question.  Such arguments tend to be based and vary on different religious frameworks (e.g., Christianity, atheism, Hindu, Judaism, Buddhist, Muslim, Native American).  No attempt will be made within the limits of this term paper to present those various arguments. However, as suggested by life after death term papers, most arguments against the existence of life after death almost always argue their points on the basis of lack of scientific evidence to support survival of biological death.  When one is faced with the question of whether to accept that there may be life after death in spite of lack of scientific evidence, one must decide if it is intellectually irresponsible to accept it.  Most importantly to accept that anything that cannot be proven scientifically as intellectually irresponsible is engaging in the practice of a dogma and religion rather than science. At this point in time, the evidence which exists for life after death is as comparable as that which exists for the end of life at death.  

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