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Legalizing Drugs

For this essay, you'll need to summarize the issue and state your case, support your position on the issue, and present and address the perspective of the opposition. In your conclusion, I recommend you urge the reader to act or propose a solution. You must use the at least one of the articles we went over in class from the Bedford Reader ( “Drugs” by Gore Vidal) in addition to at least two outside sources that are not websites (electronic journals, newspapers, databases, etc. ). This essay should be three to five pages long, in M.L.A. format. You must cite all of your sources in M.L.A. format within the text of your essay, including the essays from the Bedford Reader, and you must have a properly formatted Works Cited page. Not properly documenting your sources is considered plagiarism.

Below is an outline to help you in Legalizing Drugs Research Paper:

Legalizing DrugsI. Introduction
a. Engage the reader
b. Introduce the topic
c. Get to the point (your thesis) HINT: You should tell me what side you are taking here and why.

II. Provide background on the topic

III. Give the current perspective of the topic

IV. Provide the first claim of your argument a. Support with evidence from your observations and research

V. Provide the second claim of your argument a. Support with evidence from your observations and research

VI. Provide the third claim of your argument a. Support with evidence from your observations and research

VII. Etc. until all of your main points are made. HINT: You don't have to cover every point; you only have to cover the ones that are most significant.

VIII. Briefly provide the central objections /alternative judgments to your claims.
a. Support with evidence from your observations, the reading, and/or research.

IX. Refute the objections /alternative judgments to the extent that you can and acknowledge those that you can't refute.

X. Conclusion
a. Restate the main points of your argument.
b. You got me all riled up now, so tell me what to do about it. Do you have any solutions in mind (if applicable)? Can you give me a look to the future at all? Etc.

Overview of Legalizing Drugs:

The concept of legalizing drugs is supported by the primary argument that it will do what existing drug policies have been unable to do – control drug trafficking, drug use and drug abuse. The arguments for drug legalization are as varied as the proposals for implementing legalization, which include (1)”making drugs legal for the adult population, but illegal for minors, (2) having only the government produce and sell drugs, and/or (3) allowing a private market in drugs, usually with restrictions on advertising, dosage, and place of consumption”.

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