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Legal Issues in Education

No time to do your Legal Issues in Education research paper? Here is an example of what we can do for you.

Questions to be answered for Legal Issues in Education Research Paper:

  1. Discuss and evaluate the current operating procedure in your school.
  2. Is the system currently effective?
  3. Is the system in accordance with the law?
  4. Are there any changes that you think should be made?
  5. Are all the students’ needs being served?
  6. Are the district’s needs being served?

Guidelines for Legal Issues in Education Research Paper:Legal Issues in Education

  1. A beneficial way for a student in administration to analyze special education services is to discover exactly how an individual school operates, then compare findings to national standards and case law. The school administrator plays a significant part in a student's IEP. After you have a thorough understanding of the statutes, applying the law to specific cases and questions is the next step.
  2. Explain which statutes affect the education of students with special needs. The following topics are issues where the administrator must be confident in making appropriate decisions.

Address each of the following topics after interviewing either your special education director or teacher in your district to find out what is currently happening and why.

  1. Funding necessary services the student requires under IDEA
  2. IEP's
  3. Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)
  4. Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
  5. Inclusion
  6. Length of School Year (Extended School Year, ESY)
  7. Suspension and Expulsion
  8. Section 504
  9. FERPA
  10. ADA

Overview of Least Restrictive Environment:

Mainstreaming, Inclusive Education, and the Least Restrictive Environment Happy sounds fill the air as a small group of youngsters talk and laugh and learn together. Megan reads aloud, her nimble fingers flying across her Braille textbook. Ms. Eastham has a smile in her voice for Megan as she praises the child’s efforts. David enthusiastically responds to Jon’s request for help with a difficult word, and both boys enjoy the cooperative interaction. Ryan laughs hardest and loudest of all the children when the story takes a humorous turn. When Ryan’s opportunity to read comes, his facilitator, Mr. Harris, reads each sentence aloud and Ryan repeats the words after him. Comfortable in her wheelchair, Lindsey listens to the other children read and looks forward to recess when she’ll be score keeper for a lively game.

Achievable goal or impossible dream? As educators, parents, legislators, and other concerned citizens struggle with the difficult questions regarding how best to serve our diverse student population, the only certainty is that there are no easy answers. Though education is viewed in our culture as the path to achievement and success, it is perhaps even more significant to those with disabilities. “In a society too frequently preoccupied with defining people in terms of their disabilities, a good education offers people an opportunity to define themselves in terms of their abilities”.

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