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Lebanon Research Papers

Lebanon research papers can focus on any aspect of the Middle Eastern country. Whether it is the history of Lebanon or its religious associations, Paper Masters' writers can help you discover the facts about Lebanon.

The country of Lebanon, in the Middle East, is an ancient land full of history and heartbreak.

  • Located north of Israel, and to the west of Syria
  • The Lebanese Republic has long served as a crossroads in the region
  • Lebanese capital of Beirut was once known as the Paris of the Middle East.

Several decade of civil war, beginning in the 1970s, however, have ruined large parts of this once-progressive nation.

LebanonThe history of Lebanon dates back before recorded history. Home to the Phoenicians, the great seafaring people of the Bronze Age, the alphabet was invented in Lebanon. Many Phoenician people migrated to Carthage after the region was conquered by Cyrus the Persian, and then by Alexander the Great. During the Roman Empire, Lebanon became a center of Christianity, and a significant Christian population continues to call Lebanon its home today.

After centuries of Ottoman rule, Lebanon fell under French control after World War I, declaring independence in 1926, but not recognized and fully independent until 1943. Since independence, Lebanon’s history has alternated between periods of stability and periods of chaos. In 1975, full-scale civil war broke out, which only ended in 1990, by which time the economy and political structure of Lebanon had been ruined. The continuing presence of Syrian troops in Lebanon have led to tensions and violence.

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