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Research Papers that Explore
Leading Without Power by Max De Pree

Research papers that explore the book Leading Without Power by Max De Pree are custom written for MBA or business majors. You can have the book used in a research paper or have a book review done on Leading Without Power.

Max De Pree's Leading Without Power: Finding Hope in Serving Community is part touchy-feely reminiscence about the author's personal life and career and part New Age-like empowerment guide for volunteerism. A business or MBA level research paper on Leading Without Power begins with the introduction and De Pree's saccharine tone and inaccurate generalities set up the book to push for some new spirit of volunteerism among readers.

Leading Without Power

Leading Without Power

  1. The book first describes what De Pree calls "places of realized potential," organizations where people "fit in." 
  2. It describes several examples of organizations he believes are places of realized potential, ones that have "started a movement" and why people serve.
  3. The book then bogs down into vague pronouncements on the ethereal qualities of "leadership," as if a reading will instill in a person the sudden potential to become Albert Schweitzer.

A New Style of Leadership

De Pree offers the book to be a guide for a new style of leadership, however he provides anecdotal evidence to support his banal pronouncements.  In the end, De Pree evidences a fundamentalist Christian undertone to the entire spirit of volunteerism, where the best organizations have "a sign of God's presence" (179).  All in all, De Pree's slim volume fails to offer any concrete information, but can be relegated to that brand of business book that seeks to "empower."

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