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Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are both important terms in the business world. While they are interconnected, they are not the same concept. Leadership is often a more theoretical, intangible subject. Leadership and ManagementDebate continues to rage as to whether some people are naturally gifted in leadership, or it is a skill that can be studied. For every charismatic leader such as Martin Luther King, Jr. there are a host of questions as to what factors led to that person’s rise to prominent leadership.

Management, in contrast, is the hands-on approach to directing a group. Leaders can be managers, and managers can be leaders, but managers may not be leaders. Management is about administration, where leadership is more about inspiration. Managers, because of this definition, are often concerned with day-to-day operations, while leadership is often the realm of the big picture, of people, and guiding towards a common goal. Abraham Lincoln was both a source of inspirational leadership and an example of skillful management, as he guided a cabinet full of men who often thought they were more qualified to be president.

Increasingly, management is supposed to fulfill the position of leadership as well. Many theories regarding leadership and management are designed to quantify effective techniques in which one can rise above being a mere manager and into the realm of demonstrating effective leadership.

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