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Kompan Group Research Papers

Kompan Group research papers profile the Kompan company and discuss their corporate culture. Paper Masters assists business and MBA students with research on corporations and various companies that are typically assigned in college classes at the MBA level. Get help today on any company from the professional writers at Paper Masters.

The KOMPAN Group was founded in 1970 and employs about 500 people world-wide. They manufacture playground equipment and approach their business a little differently than most manufacturers. The KOMPAN Group includes the parent company KOMPAN A/S and 14 subsidiaries.  Production units are located in Denmark, Holland and the United States. The company’s board of directors has six members and is elected by the employees. They can serve only four years and have to move on to another position when their term runs out.

Management at KOMPAN is based on value creation principles. 

Kompan Group

Kompan Group Employees

The employee is an important part of these principles and is considered one of the company’s greatest assets. All employees are encouraged to participate and are rewarded for their efforts. Working at KOMPAN means working in a challenging, developing and international environment in which job satisfaction has high priority. The employees feel empowered and therefore feel they are contributing on the same level as executive management.

Kompan Group Corporate Culture

Their corporate culture is built upon three key elements:

  1. Homo Ludens
  2. Play concept
  3. Specialist concept

Homo Ludens means "the playing human being" and reflects their corporate philosophy that play is an important part of life.  Homo Ludens reflects their strong belief that people in motion and who remain active will make life a little better for themselves and others. The play concept is their philosophy to develop products as seen from the child's perspective.  Product planning and marketing is therefore not a result of shareholder pressure, but rather a result of their engineers trying to make the ultimate playing experience for children.  Lastly, the specialist concept focuses on their distinct range of expertise and the services they offer to customers who wish to take advantage of their knowledge base when planning and designing a top professional playground.

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