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Knowledge Management Research Papers

Need help with a research paper? What follows is an example of a research paper on Knowledge Management that our writers have created. They chose to focus on the two problematic aspects of knowledge management.

The emergence of knowledge management as a specific field of study and enterprise has occurred very rapidly, within the space of a single decade. The earliest mentions of ‘knowledge management’ in its most rudimentary form began to appear in roughly 1992, and in the ensuing ten years, the field has developed at an astounding pace.

Knowledge Management

Challenges of Knowledge Management

There are two problematic challenges of knowledge management that may be addressed in a research paper.

  1. Managing Knowledge Management
  2. Weeding through knowledge management subtopics of:
    1. Knowledge management
    2. Innovation
    3. Creative Advantage

The first consists of the overarching question of knowledge management – namely, developing an effective way to manage knowledge, while simultaneously seeking to maximize innovation and attain optimum competitive advantage. Although these three elements have been discussed at length in the extant literature on the subject, they have not yet received comprehensive treatment in relationship to one another. Therefore, this would be an excellent research paper on knowledge management. At this time, there have been no broad-based analyses of these three variables in relationship to one another, and this gap in the literature is a serious deficiency for both practicing businesses and researchers alike.

Knowledge Management and Innovation

There is also a second component of the problem in the relationship between the following:

  1. Knowledge management
  2. Innovation
  3. Competitive advantage

The sheer breadth of the literature addressing these three subjects from an individual perspective makes the topic difficult. Indeed, these three terms have gained a significant degree of cachet in both the mainstream and academic business presses over the last ten years, and as such, literally thousands of articles, books, and studies make reference to them. However, rather than illuminating these three concepts, the overabundance of pertinent literature has had the opposite effect of further confusing the matter. Overuse has served to diminish the significance of ‘knowledge management,’ ‘innovation,’ and ‘competitive’ advantage to the point that these highly important concepts have very little distinct meaning.

In answer to this characteristic of the extant literature, this research paper on knowledge management should seek to synthesize the exceedingly far-flung literature, providing a succinct, concise overview of what previous studies and research have had to say about the interrelationship of knowledge management, innovation, and competitive advantage, providing a precise starting point for future investigations on this aspect of knowledge management.

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