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The Kite Runner Themes

There are several key themes that can be found in the novel The Kite Runner, some of which are more obvious than others. One of the most prominent is that of the kites featured in the novel; the initial grand kite tournament, for example, is indicative of the fear and cowardice experienced by the main character. The Kite Runner ThemesThe class differences between the various characters can also be found in the course of the novel; because the more economically prominent boys are responsible for the actual flying of the kits, and those of a less prominent station responsible for simply providing string with which the kite can fly ever higher.

Building upon this, another common theme in the novel is that of discrimination. Because the story is set in Afghanistan, it documents the ethnic conflict between the Pashtuns and the Hazaras. Even when one of the more prominent group – named Baba – welcomes Ali into his home, he still relegates the Pashtun to a hole in the floor for his bed and requires that he perform a host of chores, which Ali does out of loyalty. The theme of sin and redemption is also prominent in this novel. The story begins with Amir speaking about the enduring nature of sin; the first chapter of the novel is reflective of this content difference, gradually fading to the point where the characters reach out to their new faith in the hopes of having their transgressions removed from their spiritual register. It is in this way that the concept of forgiveness is eternal throughout the novel; the characters involved provide opportunities for others to atone for their various sins, creating a shared culture that will help the growing sense of unity in the country.

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