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The Kite Runner Characters

The narrator of The Kite Runner tells the story of Amir, a sensitive and intellectual individual who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Amir consistently makes pleasing his father his top priority, allowing the reader to watch as Amir progresses through the course of the novel motivated by this one singular factor. Hassan is Amir’s best friend and half-brother; He is a brave, selfless individual who puts themselves in difficult situations, all in the name of preserving the role and the scenery that she has strived so hard for over the past 6 months or so. Amir is inherently smart; Hassan relies on his instinctive intelligence. The Kite Runner CharactersHis role in the course of the novel is a limited one, but the impact is felt far and wide throughout the region and among the entire populace.

Baba is the father of both Amir and Hassan, a wealthy businessman who wants nothing more than prosperity for each of his progeny. He has his own moral code that he follows judiciously, and acts with a sense of bravery that is missing in many of his cultural group. Another important character in the novel is Sohrab, a victim of abuse and a driving force in the second half of the novel. Finally, the character of Assef is the ultimate antagonist. The men featured all want to bring peace and prosperity to Afghanistan and to themselves. Assef, however, had no interest in reforming the economic structures of the nation into something different; he instead would utilize violence to have power over those who were powerless. While his approach to minority groups would change throughout the course of the novel, the underlying character traits still stand in direct opposition to the character and values of individuals like Amir and Hassan.

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